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Types of warehouse fire sources

by:CNS     2021-07-16
Types of warehouse fire sources 2021-06-20 12:29:10 To prevent fires, you must first understand the causes of warehouse fires. To prevent fire is to prevent the fire source from contacting with combustible substances and burning. Fire sources are divided into direct fire sources and indirect fire sources. There are three main types of direct fire sources: open flames, such as match burning, lighter flames, cigarette butts, red heating wires, etc.; electric sparks, that is, electric sparks generated when the circuit is opened or cut off and the electric fuse is blown, and short-circuited; Lightning strikes, burning of combustible materials caused by instantaneous high-voltage discharges. There are two main types of indirect fire sources: heating and spontaneous ignition, such as dangerous goods colliding with each other and catching fire, quicklime will emit heat after encountering water to cause combustible materials to catch fire; goods themselves ignite spontaneously, which means that there is no open flame or external heat The cargo itself heats up, burns, and ignites under the conditions of low temperature. For example, yellow phosphorus can oxidize with air violently at room temperature to cause spontaneous combustion. It can be seen that many causes of fire are directly related to warehouse work. If you do not abide by the safety system and do not strictly follow the operating procedures, it is easy to cause a fire. Therefore, some measures should be taken in a targeted manner to do a good job in warehouse fire protection.
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