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u.s. seizes north korean cargo ship for violating sanctions

by:CNS     2019-10-27
The U. S.
On Thursday, it said it had seized a North Korean cargo ship used to violate international sanctions. of-
This is a kind of law enforcement action taken at a time when the relationship between the two countries is tense.
Justice Department officials say North Korea\'s second-largest cargo ship, smart honesty, was detained while traveling to Indonesia in April 2018 and is currently being transferred to Samoa.
A few hours ago, North Korea launched two suspected short shots.
Launching missiles into the sea, launching weapons for the second time in five days, and possible signals that negotiations on its nuclear weapons program are stalled, are all in trouble.
Publicly disclosed the ship is now in the United States. S.
Although U. S. Regulation could further escalate tensionsS.
Officials said the timing of their complaint was not a response to the missile launch.
The cost of vessel maintenance and operation was inadvertently paid through three US companies. S.
Banks that violate U. S. lawS.
Jeffrey Berman, a lawyer for the Southern District of New York, said in a conference call with reporters.
According to CBS News\'s Pamela Falk, the case of confiscation of the vessel was filed in a civil forfeiture complaint in New York.
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John Demus, assistant attorney general of the Department of Justice\'s top national security officer, said: \"The broken ship has now stopped service . \". The 581-
Foot Wise Honest is used to transport North Korea\'s coal to China, Russia and other countries to create much-needed revenue for a country below the United StatesN.
Sanctions have been imposed on its nuclear weapons program.
It also ships heavy machinery to North Korea.
It is believed that the coal trade itself also provides funding for nuclear and ballistic missile projects in the isolated country.
The ship is owned by a subsidiary of a North Korean shipping company controlled by the North Korean military and on the Treasury\'s sanctions list.
This undated photo is released by the United States. S.
The Justice Department, on Thursday, May 9, 2019, showed that North Korean cargo ships are wise and honest.
According to the complaint, the associated press North Korea tried to cover up the operation of the ship by listing the nationality of other countries and the origin of the goods.
This ship is in the United States. S.
Officials said it was a clear act of concealment, while also shutting down an automatic signal system designed to alert other ships to its routes and locations.
A month ago, Indonesian authorities intercepted and seized the clever pig in the East China Sea, when it was photographed in the North Korean port of Nanpu and loaded with a large amount of coal there.
The complaint says the captain was convicted in Indonesia on charges of violating the country\'s maritime law.
It is not clear what happened to the crew. The U. S.
People and businesses have been prosecuted for violating sanctions, but a North Korean vessel has never been seized.
The country will have the opportunity to challenge the seizure in court. If the U. S.
It will be able to sell the ship.
\"When countries that say they want to hurt the United States evade international sanctions, Americans become less secure,\" Jeffrey Berman said . \" An American lawyer in southern New York.
President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held two summits focusing on North Korea\'s nuclear program, but there was no clear progress towards an agreement to eliminate nuclear weapons.
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