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Value-added service content for warehousing logistics customers

by:CNS     2021-07-17
Value-added service content for warehousing and logistics customers 2021-06-20 18:50:49 At present, warehousing companies not only provide basic logistics services, but also provide customers with a series of additional innovative services and unique extended services, that is, value-added services. For example, Toyota can manufacture cars according to customer specifications and deliver them within a week. This is a value-added service. Innovation, going beyond convention, and meeting customer needs are the essential characteristics of value-added logistics services. The specific content of value-added services can be summarized into the following aspects: (1) Customer-centric services Customer-centric value-added services provide companies with various alternative ways of using third-party professionals to store products. For example, for warehouses, a common practice is to provide 'select-price-re-package' service to facilitate the configuration according to the unique requirements of customers. (2) Services centered on promotion. These services involve unique sales points, the configuration of exhibition booths, and a wide range of other services aimed at stimulating sales. In many cases, the services and rewards included in promotional activities are handled and consigned by professional logistics agencies. Many value-added services with promotion as the core also introduce the storage environment, and even promote the enterprises that need storage services. (3) The value-added service with manufacturing as the core service is realized through unique product classification and delivery. For example, warehousing companies provide services for cutting steel of various lengths and sizes to meet the needs of different specifications used by individual customers. In real life, each customer's actual needs and manufacturing assembly are unique, so the materials and components should be customized. Therefore, manufacturing is the core service. Rather than producing unique products on the basis of forecasting, it is better to modify the basic products to meet specific customer needs. As a result, the service is improved. (4) Service with time as the core One of the main characteristics of services with time as the core is to eliminate unnecessary warehouse facilities and duplication of labor, and to maximize the speed of service. It is closely related to the just-in-time-JIT method, which involves professionals classifying, combining and sorting inventory before delivery. Under the JIT method of Guangzhou Logistics, suppliers conduct daily deliveries to the JIT supply warehouse located near the assembly plant. Once a need arises at a certain time and place, the supply warehouse will accurately classify and sort the parts of multiple sellers, and then Deliver to the assembly line. Its purpose is to minimize the total number of transportation and inspections in the warehouse. 1954
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