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Value-added service functions of railway logistics

by:CNS     2021-07-04
The value-added service function of railway logistics 2021-06-20 19:15:08 The value-added service function of logistics mainly includes the following types: (1) Services that increase convenience: It can be vividly defined as services that make people lazy, such as Simplify freight acceptance procedures and procedures, cancel intermediate links, integrate the functions of demand and scheduling plan docking, complete various operation prompts, training-free, 24-hour e-commerce services, door-to-door, EDI, EOS, logistics process tracking and other services. (2) Services that speed up the circulation speed: It is also a service that makes the circulation process simple, such as the establishment of distribution centers, logistics centers, and the redesign of circulation channels. (3) Cost-reducing services: services that explore the third source of profit, such as third-party logistics, logistics commonality, resource outsourcing, the promotion of logistics management technology, and the adoption of new logistics technologies. (4) Extended services: Including upward extension services and downward extension services, such as market research and forecasting, procurement and order processing, production and processing activities; sales activities, distribution, logistics finance, logistics consulting, logistics plan selection and planning, inventory Control decision-making suggestions, payment collection and settlement, education and training, copywriting and other services. According to the development concept of modern logistics, railway logistics can expand some value-added service functions and provide customers with higher quality logistics services, including the following 6 points. 1. Information consulting and service functions. Because railway logistics has a huge amount of various logistics information and powerful information processing capabilities, railway logistics can use this information to provide customers with logistics services while also providing customers with logistics systems. Design, logistics solution design, supplier selection and evaluation and other related business consulting and services. 2. Logistics financial service function Logistics financial service is a combination product of logistics service and financial service. The development of this service function of railway logistics can provide financing for enterprises through warehouse receipt pledge and other forms, thereby alleviating the pressure on the capital chain of enterprises, improving the competitiveness of railway enterprises, and attracting more customer enterprises to handle commodity transportation and transit through railway logistics. 3. Commodity display function With the further development of railway logistics, railway logistics can use the advantages of the commodity information it understands and the advantages of centralized information to provide customers with services such as product display, transaction, and customer negotiation, and expand the logistics of railway logistics. Value-added services. 4. Settlement function The settlement function of railway logistics is an extension of the transportation service function. When the railway logistics center has agency, distribution and other services, the settlement function is not only limited to logistics costs, but also includes the payment from the consignee on behalf of the shipper Settlement fees. The settlement function is more effective when the amount of agency and distribution operations is large, and the establishment of this function can improve the service quality of railway logistics. 5. Logistics service integration The traditional logistics service operation mode is often a single function, it is difficult to meet the diverse and individual needs of customers. In contrast, logistics service integration can not only provide basic logistics services such as warehousing, transportation, handling, loading and unloading, packaging, and information processing, but also provide value-added services such as order processing, logistics plan selection and planning, loan recovery and settlement, etc. , And design solutions, etc. 6.Logistics plan designThe plan design of railway logistics means that railway logistics can design logistics solutions for customers according to customer requirements and customer-specific business processes. Customers only need to face logistics service integration providers, who are fully responsible for organizing, Manage, coordinate and provide 'one-stop' integrated services.
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