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Value realization of aviation logistics products

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The realization of the value of aviation logistics products 2021-06-20 08:15:22 Aviation logistics takes air transportation as the main mode of transportation to realize the organic combination of various functions of logistics. In terms of value realization methods, the realization of aviation logistics products cannot simply be accomplished in the form of relays of different enterprises. The value realization methods that can reflect the connotation of aviation logistics are summarized into the following two types in this book. 1. The value realization method of integrated aviation logistics The value realization method of integrated aviation logistics is realized through the internal integration of aviation logistics enterprises. Enterprises usually have a strong logistics service network. Through internal strategic integration, an integrated structure is formed, where customers can get a stop-type service. Air logistics operators of this type are mostly developed from actual carriers. The United States 'FedEx' logistics company established in 1973 set a precedent for an integrated carrier, that is, the goods are delivered from the shipper until they reach the consignee, and they are all handled by his company. Now it has evolved into a logistics company. Other foreign express giants (such as UPS, DHL, TNT, etc.) also mainly provide logistics services in this way. 2. The value realization method of functional aviation logistics business subcontracting. The whole process of aviation logistics business can be divided into two parts: logistics functional operation process and logistics service organization business process according to the different nature of cooperation. Air logistics operators of this type enter into logistics general contracting service contracts with customers, but they generally do not own the main logistics functional service tools, but are only responsible for organizing the entire logistics business, and combining the actual functional business of logistics with other functionalities. The business enterprise signs a subcontract and subcontracts out. Such operators are generally developed by air freight forwarders or enterprises in other industries. These two methods have their own characteristics and can exist simultaneously and cross each other. However, from the perspective of saving transaction costs, the enterprise integration method seems to have more advantages. The globalization of the production and operation of multinational companies has brought about the globalization of the operations of some large-scale logistics enterprises, and the scale of logistics enterprises is getting bigger and bigger. The trade-off between transaction costs and internal management costs will change due to the advancement of information and other technologies. The efficiency and safety of aviation logistics tend to require as much as possible to control the whole process of logistics production while providing aviation logistics service products.
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