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Warehouse loading and unloading management

by:CNS     2021-07-15
Warehouse loading and unloading management 2021-06-20 15:46:11 (1) All motor vehicles entering the warehouse area must be equipped with fire shields; when the steam locomotive enters the warehouse area, the ash box and the blower should be closed and cannot be in the warehouse area Clean the furnace; the battery trucks and forklifts that enter the warehouse for flammable and explosive goods must be explosion-proof or must be equipped with safety devices to prevent sparks from splashing. (2) When loading and unloading different types of flammable and explosive goods, operators must not wear work clothes, caps and spark-prone tools that are prone to static electricity to prevent vibration, impact, heavy pressure, friction and inversion. Take measures to eliminate static electricity for installation and disassembly that are prone to static electricity. (3) Temporary buildings and structures are not allowed to be built in the warehouse area. When the loading and unloading operations do need to be erected, they must be approved by the person in charge of the unit's fire prevention and dismantled immediately after the loading and unloading operations. Safety measures can only be carried out after being approved by the person in charge of fire prevention. (4) Motor vehicles are not allowed to park or repair in warehouse areas, warehouses, and warehouses after loading and unloading goods; after loading and unloading operations are completed, the warehouse areas and warehouses should be inspected and can only leave after confirming safety.
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