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Warehouse modernization

by:CNS     2021-07-17
Warehousing modernization 2021-06-20 15:10:32 The key to realizing warehousing modernization lies in science and technology, and the key to developing science and technology lies in people. Without knowledge and talent, modernization is just empty talk. Therefore, we should start from the following aspects: First, the professionalization of warehousing personnel. In today's highly developed productivity, science and technology are progressing more and more, and the number and varieties of machine equipment are also increasing. The role of humans in manipulating modern production equipment is also growing, requiring a large number of people who understand management. , High-quality management talents who understand professional knowledge and master modern management methods and means. In our country, we must strengthen the training, education and improvement of warehousing personnel, and cultivate a group of warehousing professionals who specialize in warehousing, have modern scientific knowledge and management technology, have a strong sense of responsibility and high quality as soon as possible. The second is the modernization of storage technology. Warehousing technology is the weak link in the current logistics technology, so strengthening the transformation and renewal of warehousing technology is an important part of warehousing modernization. The modernization of warehousing requires information modernization, including automatic identification, automatic exchange and automatic processing of information. At present, China should generally start from the following aspects: (1) Realize the mechanization and automation of materials in and out of warehouses and storage and custody. Starting from China's national conditions, focus on the development of various loading, unloading and handling machinery and equipment needed in the material storage process, such as: developing and promoting high-efficiency, high-performance, and low-energy-consumption loading and unloading machinery; developing automatic testing and measuring machines ; Improve the means and methods of goods distribution, processing, and distribution. ②The diversification of storage equipment makes the storage equipment develop in the direction of saving land, labor and multi-function, promote containerization and palletization, develop various types of collective packaging and advanced and practical shelves, and realize packaging standardization and integration . ③ Properly develop automated warehouses and build a number of automated three-dimensional warehouses with a focus; strengthen the technical transformation of the old warehouses, improve the technology and management level of the old warehouses as soon as possible, and give full play to the scale benefits of the old warehouses. The third is the scientificization of warehouse management methods and the automation of management methods. That is, according to the characteristics of modern large-scale production, warehouse management is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the objective laws of warehousing and the latest scientific and technological achievements, so as to realize the scientificization of warehousing management. In the warehouse management of Guangzhou Freight Company, combining the characteristics of warehousing operations and business, applying advanced science and technology, and using scientific management methods are important steps to promote the rationalization of warehousing. Computer-aided warehouse management is used to carry out warehousing business management, inventory control, job automation control and information processing, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of fast, accurate and efficient.
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