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Warehousing process

by:CNS     2021-07-17
The operation process of warehousing 2021-06-20 21:19:21 Warehousing and distribution operations mainly include three stages: man-warehouse management, in-warehouse management and out-warehouse management. Each stage is divided into several steps, and each step includes several contents. The specific operations and contents of the modern warehouse (logistics center) are as follows: 1. Into the warehouse `Into the warehouse is the first step of the warehousing operation, which is divided into bulk cargo into the warehouse and unpacking into the warehouse. (1) Incoming bulk cargo. Bulk cargo warehousing refers to the general cargo and air cargo (the ones that have not been stacked and fixed on the pallet in advance) are unloaded and stacked on the pallet from the warehouse's receiving dock. Its warehousing operations mainly include: unloading, warehousing and acceptance. To prevent all kinds of undesirable changes during the storage period of the goods, first of all, it is necessary to strictly check and accept the goods in the warehouse to find out the quality of the goods and their packaging. For hygroscopic commodities, it is necessary to detect whether the moisture content exceeds the safe moisture, and for other commodities with abnormal conditions, the reasons should be found out, and the specific conditions should be dealt with and treatment measures should be taken to prevent minor failures. (2) Unpacking into warehouse. Unpacking and warehousing refers to the goods loaded in sea containers, which are unpacked in the warehouse receiving area and unloaded on pallets. There are two types of unpacking and warehousing: mechanical unpacking and manual unpacking. 2. After the storage and storage operations are finished, the next step is storage and storage. (1) Storage. In the storage area, the items loaded on the full pallet are allocated to the predetermined pallet position. In this regard, there are two commonly used methods of cargo space allocation, namely variable cargo space and fixed cargo space. (2) Safekeeping. The distribution center should first consider the time and efficiency of leaving the warehouse, so it focuses more on the convenience of picking and handling, and the storage method must be coordinated with it. The frequency of leaving the warehouse in the storage center is low, and storage should be emphasized. Therefore, the storage method should be considered first. 3. Shipment In the warehousing process, two different processing methods will occur when the shipment order is received: picking according to the order, preparing for shipment acceptance; picking according to the situation, preparing to change the packaging or perform simple processing. (1) Replenishment (total picking). The nature of the replenisher's work is mainly to remove the items to be shipped from the shelves and place them in the picking area or the bottom of the shelf (this replenishment method is mainly when the warehouse area is limited) to facilitate picking The goods are picked by the clerk (the picking position is at the bottom of the storage shelf or the picking area of u200bu200bthe category). Replenishers usually work on the next day's (or next) delivery order and prepare the next day's or next delivery order. (2) Picking goods. The principle of picking: Most of the requirements are based on the 'first in, first out' principle of the arrival date. However, if the batch number operation is required to be first-in-first-out, the time first-in-first-out must be placed second, and products of the same batch number will follow the first-in-first-out principle. According to the degree of automation, the way of picking goods can be divided into three types: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. Here we divide picking into two types: fruit picking and sowing.
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