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we want to turn godowns into logistic malls: anshuman singh

by:CNS     2019-11-10
Interviewing the chairman and general manager of stell value chain solutions ltltdin, whose career spans nearly 20 years, working with seven different companies, established in the field of retail and supply chain logistics he finally took advantage of his experience as a professional and colleague
Founder founded Third-
Third-Party integrated logistics solutionand-a-half years ago.
The chairman and general manager of Stellar value chain Solutions Co. , Ltd. introduced the company\'s business, overall industry scenarios, new developments and future plans.
Edit excerpt . . . . . . Warburg Pincus is known for entering the business very early and I have just started to start the supply chain logistics business.
We got in touch with each other and the expectations were quite consistent and the deal was done in a very short time.
My case is unique because the business has not been built yet.
Woberg is keen to invest in the supply chain logistics business, but there is not a player who is good enough to work with it.
In my case, I think, the understanding of this field is very deep, and I want to build the largest supply chain logistics company in India.
Therefore, with Warburg\'s $0. 125 billion investment, we made the goods and services tax in August 4, 2017 (GST)
Bill ya Sabha passed the Bill.
Very close to see the logistics space of the supply chain, we are very clear about what we do not want to do.
So areas like last mile delivery, full load trucks and freight forwarders.
Not part of what we want to do.
Given my experience and understanding of the storage space, it becomes our core area of focus.
The idea here is to turn a godown into a logistics Mall and turn the truck system into a modern transportation system.
We plan to establish 35 logistics parks in 21 cities in India.
According to our blueprint of 2016, we will provide large modern warehouse/cold chain for all walks of life and locations
Our client will be 1,000 large consumer companies operating in India.
So everything went according to the original plan.
In terms of the industry we will focus on, it will be the consumer sector, the e-commerce sector
Business, fashion, retail, FMCG, automotive, pharmaceutical and healthcare, consumer durables, electronics, home and food processing.
While we have more than 1,000 customers on the list, 150 of them are top companies, we want to increase this number to 1,000.
Up to now, there are 10 warehouses in the top 11 cities in India, covering an area of 5 million square feet.
Inorganic routes have been adopted in transportation.
We acquired three businesses including Kelvin cold chain logistics in 2017, followed by a courier logistics company called innovative logistics services in 2018, and most recently Patel road, which was acquired in April 2019.
The urban part is developed internally.
So now everything is ready.
It has invested Rs 300 in existing infrastructure and will reinvest Rs 100 this year.
With all this, our goal is to earn more than Rs 1,000 by next year.
As a zero liability company, we will make a pre-tax profit by the end of this year.
We plan to launch the trailer concept that is very popular in other countries.
On a global scale, the trailer and the front horse are removable.
The horse delivered a trailer and picked up the other one without having to wait for the unloading and loading as the other one was readyloaded.
This is not the case in the Indian market.
The law changed last year, but no company has adopted this international practice. It’s work-in-
It is still in the pilot phase.
We are having discussions with the top two players in this field in India.
While there will be a supplier investing in this removable trailer
The horse unit, we will take it in a long-term lease.
If everything goes as planned, we should be able to launch the project in the next three to four months.
Given the significant improvements in the country\'s road infrastructure, I think this concept will become very popular in 10 years.
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