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What are four characteristics of air transport, you know?

by:CNS     2020-07-13
What are four characteristics of air transport, you know? Air transport is the use of aircraft helicopters and other aircraft delivery personnel, cargo, mail mode of transportation. Is fast, the characteristics of the motor, is the modern passenger transport, especially the important way of long-distance passenger transport, the valuables, fresh goods in international trade and transport which are lack of precision instrument. With commercial air cargo transportation, service, international, paramilitary, capital, technology and risk density and natural monopoly six major characteristics. Air transport according to the different standards can be divided into different types. Air transport, started in 1871 to nearly two years the international economic downturn makes the air transport industry bottlenecks and air transport business in the future still have a broad space for development is worth exploring. A, commercial air transport provided by the product is a special form of products & other one by one; Spatial displacement & throughout; , the product shape is change the displacement of the air transport objects in space, product unit is & other; Passenger-kilometer & throughout; And & other Fright & throughout; , air transport goods attribute of the products is through the buying behavior of final product users in air transport market. Second, the service industry belongs to the third industry, is a service industry. It to provide & other; Spatial displacement & throughout; The amount of reflect the number of service, and service means and service attitude reflects the quality of service. This attribute determines the carrier must constantly expanding capacity to meet growing demand in society, follow & other; Passengers first & ndash; Throughout, the user supreme &; The principle, for the product user to provide a safe, convenient, comfortable, high-quality service. Three, international air transport has become the most important form of transport in modern society, to become an international political and economic cooperation of the bond. It includes both the international friendship and cooperation, it contains the international competition. In the service, freight, technical coordination, management and implementation of the formulation of laws and regulations, to the restriction of the international standard and the international air transport market. Four, paramilitary human aviation activities in the first place in the military field and before to civilian use. The master of modern war of air is to obtain the active status of the most important factors in war. So many in the legal provisions of the state. Air transport enterprises owned by the fleet and the relevant personnel in the national economic construction service at ordinary times, as a military reserve forces, during the war, or a state of emergency, can be in accordance with legal procedures by the national civil aviation, the requisition in the service of military requirements.
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