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What are the air transport of dangerous goods ( 2)

by:CNS     2020-05-27
China's civil aviation dangerous goods transportation laws, regulations, the problems existing in the European and American developed country in the lawmaking of air transport of dangerous goods. The top of the applicable law is the international conventions, such as the Chicago convention annex 18, the air dangerous goods transportation safety technical guidance. Followed by the domestic law, such as: Germany of the hazardous materials transportation act, the German aviation act, 'aviation licence law'; The federal aviation administration ( FAA) 的代码的联邦法规 运输49 ( 49 CFR) ; The Netherlands, Canada and other countries of the dangerous goods act ( 危险货物的行为) And so on. Some European countries also abide by the joint European aviation administration formulated the regulations on united airlines ( 联合航空规定, Operations JAR - for short 运维) 。 The third is formulated by the competent civil aviation regulations of dangerous goods transportation industry and transport enterprises make manual & throughout; 。 Our country also apply to the Chicago convention attached 18 and air dangerous goods transportation safety technical guidance. But our own 'civil aviation law of the People's Republic of China law as the law of civil aviation could not specify the details of the transport of dangerous goods. Over the years we are red tape & throughout; Issued, reiterated in the form of regulation, more messy, no system. This is obviously not enough. Also need to write a operating guidance of specialized laws and regulations, to strengthen the legal system management. Each transport enterprises for the standardization of the operation, also should write this enterprise of dangerous goods transportation throughout the manual &; 。 This constitutes a complete legal system of air transport of dangerous goods. What are the aspects need to legal norms? First of all, the shipper party - Responsible for the classification of dangerous goods, packaging, ground transportation. The shipper can be divided into several types: (1) products manufacturer; (2) trade dealers; (3) product buyer; (4) the product user. In theory, the four kinds of people should be familiar with the physical and chemical properties of consignment goods. Products should also have the instructions, storage and transportation. In fact many products have no clear instructions, less attention of the product by air. The shipper is not understand, in fact also don't care about the nature of the goods, he only CARES about the airlines can collector its goods, whether to destination as soon as possible. The crux of the problem is that the shipper will don't care about the nature of the goods and packaging to the air, flying passengers, flight load of other goods and luggage and other personnel to participate in the activities of transport any adverse impact, but try to just can check the goods out. Behavior of the shipper need to specification. The agent party - Responsible for general cargo and identification of dangerous goods, transport document examination. This agent is refers to the airlines signed sales agent. We try to analyze the attitude held by the agent for dangerous goods by air and psychological activities. Although the regulations on the civil aviation administration agent not collector of dangerous goods. But for agents, dangerous goods transport is still very attractive. Dangerous goods are different from ordinary goods, collector procedure complex, demanding. Lane is bad to also can have an accident, you fined, hit the brand. But they clearly do dangerous goods throughout the &; Can make a big profit, but also to broaden the customer side, expand the market share. Some agent of the company's sales staff can also use illegal methods to personal interests, so someone will commit, someone will cheat, also buried the hidden trouble of the accident. The behavior of the agent need to specification.
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