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What are the air transport of dangerous goods ( A)

by:CNS     2020-05-27
Air transport of dangerous goods is almost with commercial aviation operations began at the same time. Just never consciously to consciously, from disorderly to orderly, from management oversight to tightly organized, from the management and development of enterprises to the world within the scope of the legal system management. It has experienced decades of development. The history of China's civil aviation transport of dangerous goods air transport of dangerous goods in China can be traced back to the 1950 s. At that time, the air transport of dangerous goods mainly pesticides and a tiny amount of radioactive isotopes. At the time of the Civil Aviation Administration of China has been drawn up for the interim provisions on dangerous goods transport and the regulation of the radioactive material transportation '. The early 60 s, China's civil aviation navigation only Soviet union, Mongolia, myanmar, Vietnam and Korea and other countries. The international and domestic freight volume is very limited. 1961 years later, in order to ensure the safety of air transport, according to the instructions, the provisions of civil aviation passenger and cargo flights are not carrying hazardous chemical and radioactive isotopes. But after more than ten years with China's foreign communication has become increasingly active, the continuous development of foreign trade, pia ( PIA) , air France ( 法国航空公司) After sailing to China. China's civil aviation also opened Beijing - Moscow and Beijing - Shanghai - Osaka - Tokyo, Beijing - Karachi - Paris and Beijing Tehran - Bucharest - Tirana routes, the import of hazardous chemicals by air demand growing. Not to carry dangerous goods on the domestic routes, but more and more chemical industrial products into people's lives, the civil aviation transport department have to face how to determine the check whether the goods belong to the dangerous goods by the shipper, whether can the problem of collector. And foreign airlines to transport the goods arrived in China also often contains dangerous goods, and the final destination is usually outside the terminal in other cities. How to put the transport of dangerous goods to its final destination? The first social demand has prompted the government to lift the ban. “ In April 1974, approved by the Chinese government, China civil aviation international routes and domestic segment transport of dangerous goods, with reference to the international air transport association ( IATA) The unified regulation of the carrier. In January 1976, back to the carrier, radioactive isotope and drew up 'the regulation of air transport of radioactive isotopes'. In September 1979, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a 'chemical goods transport regulations, airlift of chemicals made a relatively complete rules. ” ( 'In contemporary China's civil aviation') It is the above & other; With reference to the international air transport association ( IATA) The unified regulation of the carrier & throughout; After the regulation, makes in 28 years of China air transport of dangerous goods, although a few small accident happened ( 事件) , but also largely to ensure the transport safety and flight safety. This is because & other; The international air transport association ( IATA) The uniform & throughout; Is according to the international new chemical products and high-tech products emerge in endlessly and airline industry every year new happens to revise and improve constantly. Guide our dangerous goods transport operations is published in the international air transport association called the RESTRICTED ARTICLES REGULATIONS '( RAR) The legal publications. After the United Nations specialized agencies of the international civil aviation organization ( ICAO) Member states signed the Chicago convention annex 18, announced the air dangerous goods transportation safety technical guidance ( 危险货物安全运输技术指令空运简称TI) 。 Iata RAR it changed its name to 'the DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS', referred to as 'DGR, the basic content of TI agree with the international civil aviation organization. Over the years, we are all in accordance with the unified regulations of dangerous goods transportation. Decades of transportation safety results, of course, inseparable from generation to generation freight meticulous, keep improving, without its shape according to the rules of scientific spirit.
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