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What are the doorway Marine bill of lading the consignee?

by:CNS     2020-04-04
Consignee usually there are three types of bill of lading consignee fill in types: the first: To order/To order of shipper/To shipper's order, Order b/l) , is to facilitate the applicant transfer of the bill of lading, before the goods to the destination to resell the goods or control prevent shipment release without collection bill of goods. The second: To the order of XXX Bank, the Bank as the consignee. In this case, it is the bank financing to the applicant, Banks worried about money goods two empty, so hereby stipulated bank as the consignee, is to control the goods. Under normal circumstances, the issuing bank are reluctant to get involved in both buyers and sellers of the trade, so, unless I have the bill of lading to the issuing behavior is only a tiny fraction of the proportion of the consignee. The third: XX COMPANY, the specific consignee ( Straight bill of lading) In some countries, according to local law, the consignee do not need to submit original bill of lading, even copy, as long as able to prove that he is under the condition of the consignee, you can pick up the goods. So, unless the buyer and the seller know the circumstances, the seller is seldom accept the bill of lading. What countries will be easy to shipment release without collection bill of lading? Central and South America, the United States, Brazil, Honduras, el Salvador, how many, Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala, costa rica and venezuela Asia: Vietnam, India and north Africa, west African countries such as Angola, Congo, Europe: Turkey trade practice in international trade, generally the bill of lading on the consignee column, customers are asked to write the name of their company. Very few customers will accept the To order or To the order of shipper. As shipper's opinion, the best write all consignee on bill of lading To order of shipper, because the customer can't copy by direct pickup; Customers in the case of not give money, can't the declaration of the bill of lading is missing, and pick up the goods from the customs; Customers don't give money, we can sell them, procedure is simple. Pick up the goods right of legal basis in the event of dispute, the court how to determine who is the consignee? Generally speaking, the court ruled that the consignee on the basis of basically has: in the customs declaration forms of import cargo notifier name; Customs tax on the taxpayer's name; Marked with name of consignee on bill of lading or transport documents bar and/or endorsed content; Bill of lading ( Little bill of lading) The name of the DiHuoRen; Name of the importer/buyer in international trade contract; Bill of lading or transport documents the name of the notify party column of annotation.
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