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What are the key elements of the construction of air express hub

by:CNS     2020-08-19
What is the construction of key elements of the air express hub recently, sponsored by the national postal service development research center of China's postal industry top BBS successfully concluded. China's civil aviation airport Cao Yunchun, director of the center for economic research at the university of published titled & other; Air express hub layout and construction related problem analysis & throughout; Were compared and analyzed, the speech of China air express hub, and put forward the construction of key elements of the air express hub. According to presentations organization the following articles. A, China air express hub layout in a speech in the BBS, I think these two Numbers are very shocked, 50 billion, will soon reach an income of 800 billion yuan. These two Numbers can prove that the rapid development of China's express industry. Our research is focused on the development of air express, high-end business express is on the plane. China post, suitable abundant speed luck and yuantong aircraft main type 757 and 737 respectively. Nearly 110, accounts for about 60% of the total cargo. From 2004 to 2014, you can see the main types of growth of the whole cargo aircraft. B737F growth speed is very fast. We are very clear suitable abundant speed luck business growth, because of the rapid growth of the business need a lot of the plane. Authorities forecast that by 2035, China's cargo aircraft fleet will reach 718. Express cargo will reach 330. I think the figure will surely break. See express the development of the current situation, the first one is the big three UPS, fedex and DHL distribution, mainly concentrated in east China and south China, domestic motion, yuantong, companies such as also in the layout of the actively accelerate China. Fedex Smith in 1971 is the earliest possible follow-up service of the postal service, the service operation during the night, the whole process is over. The postal service connects the 11 hub of China. We all know that ezhou airport. We now need to build a ezhou airport. SF, need this airport. In fact, China has no similar Memphis airport. Why is that? Because of his function, China hasn't been able to achieve such a airport. By 2018, China will have 229 public transport airport, the airport will be mainly the passengers. Passengers and cargo at best development together. No specialized supply goods at the airport. Therefore, SF, ezhou airport for the transformation of China air express is very big. Air express company to establish a regional transit center is a development trend. This is the successful experience of the international express delivery giant, fedex and UPS in the mode of transportation of the United States. It is the center of the Memphis, now China has virtually no it. Air express company has established such regional franchise center, the subsidiary level also each are not identical. In the aviation logistics chain, the HUB is very important. In the future, the emergence of air express specific market hubs will be a trend.
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