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What are the steps for airfreight operation process? Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-10
About air transport operations, in fact, can be divided into domestic air transportation and international air freight operation process, there are also similarities between difference. Here, to tell you the air freight operation process conditions, more or less. Air cargo concrete operation process: 1. Entrusted the goods on the power of attorney must indicate the shipper, consignee, destination, dock planner flights, and airlines, destination, number, weight, volume and freight rate. ( Is on pallet, shall provide the pallet size of length, width and height. Because the pallet size of cargo, all the plate length is not greater than 3. 08 m, the height of the lower plate cannot be more than 1. The height of the 6 m, medium plate is no more than 2. 4 m, the height of the high board cannot be more than 2. All 9 m, width is no more than 2. If the 3 m, more than the above size, can apply for special plate 20 inches, equivalent to two pieces of the size of the high board, 20 inches plate cannot be installed in the aircraft, can only be installed in the cargo. If the cargo is GangTou process to purpose, two and three cheng cheng is a passenger plane, need 20 inch plate still can't transport goods, such as to South America, Africa, many planes are jet, the cheng brothers not to heavy transport of goods. 2. Customs declaration documents customs declaration data needs to have A: ( Must be provided) B: the verification ( Must be provided) C: customs declaration a power of attorney ( Must be provided) D: invoice invoice ( Must be provided) E: packing list packinglist ( Must be provided) F: single proof/electronic information ( Some commodity exports to China commodity inspection inspection certificate of quality verification, should according to the need to provide) G: license ( Export quotas to provide) H: according to the need for other ( If the cargo is chemical, customs clearance and provide information about chemicals and pharmacopoeia certificate, case is the main chemicals ingredients, pharmacopoeia proved that this chemical is recorded in the pharmacopoeia) 。 3. Reserved with the second day of the aircraft general requirements list the latest must arrive at the airport before 2 PM in the day, at 2:30 in the afternoon, because the customs general requirements must be before the customs declaration information to register to the customs computer system. Customs declaration in the day, on the afternoon of the plane, commonly known as the scene, make the scene of the general requirements of goods invoice sent to the airport around 9:00 in the morning, because morning good to match in the afternoon after the close of the plane, after 9 p. m. planes cargo at about 1 PM the latest invoice sent to the airport. Especially urgent goods, deserve to go up to the fastest flight, the single has been to the airport, the goods haven't into the warehouse, can go to the customs clearance, this approach is called prediction, prediction is according to the weight of the customer to come over to play close to go up to the bill of lading, so ask to come with the actual weight of into warehouse error rate control within 3%, the weight of too much error can affect the delivery and cancel after verification. Clearance of the goods must be in 6 hours before the plane takes off into the warehouse. We put the actual operation after the goods into the warehouse to warehouse after weigh out the weight and volume of the confirmation for the guests, the guests have asked, can fax the warehouse receipt to the guest. Documents to the airport, the airport can provide audit guests of the content is accurate, the declaration documents are complete. If there is wrong, not neat place to inform the guest to come over, important documents are not neat and guests to send me, it will affect the guests scheduled flights, scheduled flight will be delayed. 4. Security good close, the warehouse pull the manifest for handover, need to sign the bill before the handover. Clearance is given over to chapter of the declaration of a complete set of data and eastern logistics office on total waybill or the cargo to sign the bill first, sign the bill is to point to in logistics or freight station people confirm the goods customs declaration and total waybill information in writing, and sign it. Must provide chemicals test reports or DGN book, chemical test reports or DGN book is chemical industry research institute issue the certificate of the chemicals to meet the requirements of air shipment. Is mainly refers to the goods for air transport without harm, nontoxic and non explosive inflammable, and meet the requirements of the packaging. Do not conform to the requirements of dangerous goods, dangerous goods are specially according to the dangerous goods shipping freight and shipping way. Now airlines for liquid is generally embargo, because of the flammable liquid and leakage. 5. Chemical chemicals also require companies to provide case and the crisis proved that the case is issued by the business unit in customs declaration, specify the physical and chemical properties and no risk of goods, if you have to bear all the legal responsibility of risk, and build official seal, Case is when the customs declaration and customs together with the documents) , the crisis proved by the production unit in chemical and grant the seal of good to go with the goods after sign the bill and chemical assessment for China Eastern logistics or sign the bill of freight station personnel. 6. Sign the single goods sign the goods will be released by the customs secondary, namely the goods of the customs declaration need to inspection before security checks. ( Every ticket goods inspection probability, is about 1% 3%, 1% of whom have been supervised for inspection, 3% artificial inspection) 。 Monitor examination refers to the computer random inspection of customs clearance of the goods, artificial examination refers to the security check before the bayonet, the customs officers will be according to certain probability to spot check the goods. The goods inspection and correct customs will release the goods ( The goods inspection fees, unified fee standards) 。 The goods do not agree as and declare, the customs will buckle goods, after processing. ( Normal inspection will not affect the goods delivery) 7. Finished goods inspection finished goods inspection, check and normal delivery, security check as you go to the plane, your luggage through security machine. General requirements of goods 5 hours before the plane takes off AnJianJi and into the airport logistics base ( The apron) Or freight station ( The apron) 。 After normal play board or packing, the goods with the plane take off on schedule.
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