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What are the ways to save the shipping port fee?

by:CNS     2020-04-13
The port disbursement is one of the major cost items of shipping costs. Some ship company port disbursement expenses, accounts for more than a quarter of the total cost, second only to fuel and ship repair. Therefore, port disbursement, saving is to reduce the cost of transportation and ocean shipping enterprises must pay attention to the problem. In general, the ship to save port disbursement approach can be shown in the following aspects: 1. The ship must understand and master the port of all kinds of fees the charging rules, and its rate adjustment. 2. The ship should be very reasonable arrangement of ships in the harbor of each work, and make the corresponding record. 3. Correctly grasp the ship on time. Should strive for in and out of the port during the day, because the port navigation, tug, cable system solution, such as cost, in the night, holidays are income surcharge. 4. Ship before the roads, under the condition of possible, leveling, tail first draft of the vessel, as far as possible to reduce the maximum draught of the ship. Because some ports, such as Japanese port pilotage, first, tail is according to the gross tonnage of ships and maximum draught shall prevail. 5. Correctly declared tonnage of the ship. Ship's tonnage dues, ships harbour dues, lighthouse fees are calculated based on the tonnage of the ship. For 2 or more than 2 complete deck of the ship, can be in both sides draw triangle tonnage mark, and two kinds of tonnage of different size, to replace the past shelter deck the onoff tonnage of the ship. When tonnage mark submerged, the ship should declare large tonnage; When tonnage mark not submerged, the ship should declare small tonnage. 6. Reasonable plot cargo. For each cargo operations at the same time, each class loading and unloading time balance as far as possible, to shorten the shipping time in Hong Kong. 7. Do the preparatory work, timely when dropped all kinds of fees. 8. The ship shall carefully examine and verify the charges and sign the documents, to prevent undue losses.
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