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What do you need to pay attention to in Japan Shipping?

by:CNS     2021-07-13
What should Japanese shipping pay attention to? 2021-06-23 14:03 Japan, shipping, need, pay attention, what, with, overseas, shopping,    With the popularity of overseas shopping, more and more people from Japan and the United States Buy cosmetics, milk powder, diapers and other products in foreign cities. If you want to ship from abroad to China, most businesses ship by sea. So how long does it take to ship from Japan to China? What should I pay attention to when shipping from Japan?    1. How long does it take to ship from Japan to China by sea?: If you are buying a small product, the merchant will usually add enough goods (ie the entire box) , And then sent to China. At this time, the waiting time will be longer, usually 1-2 months. If you ship more goods in the form of large containers, the speed will be faster, about 10-15 days.  What should I pay attention to when shipping in Japan?   1. Goods exported from sea to Japan need to be declared to the Japanese customs 24 hours before the port of shipment, that is, to declare AFR.  2. According to Japanese shipping regulations, if the following conditions are met, the tariff guarantee is submitted to the expert, and the goods can be picked up first after the expert's approval.   (1) Valuable items, dangerous items, items that may deteriorate or be damaged.  (2) Products subject to time constraints due to participation in the exhibition.  (3) Goods for which a certificate of origin is submitted due to the application of preferential tax rates.  (4) The contract stipulates that the quantity needs to be verified after unloading, and the quantity has not been confirmed at the time of declaration.  3. Items prohibited from entering:   (1) The so-called counterfeit brand.  (2) Items stipulated in the 'Washington TreatyThere are tigers, leopards and other cats. Fur products of amphibians (such as crocodiles and lizards) are also restricted.   However, even if it is confirmed that there is no problem at the time of purchase, the limited items that are confirmed at the customs must be discarded on the spot. 2. Refund at own expense. 3. When paying, please apply for an import license after temporarily keeping it in a Japanese shipping company.
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