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What does the container-free and storage-free period mean? How should I apply? CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-01
What does the container-free and storage-free period mean? How should I apply? :2015-12-17 11:35:00 When the destination is far away, importers and exporters usually apply for a sufficiently long container-free period when booking a space. Many logistics newcomers say what these two time periods mean? Why have they never heard of it. Today, the editor will analyze the basic meaning of container-free and storage-free period with everyone. The container free period is strictly divided into Free Demurrage and free detention. The calculation methods of these two periods are different. Free Demurrage generally refers to the period from when the container is unloaded to the dock until the container is lifted out of the dock, while Free Detention refers to the period from when the container is lifted from the dock to the empty rail returning to the dock. The combination of these two periods constitutes the free period of containers. Generally speaking, the container free period granted by shipping companies is generally about seven days. If the time limit is exceeded, the corresponding demurrage fee must be paid. Some ports can apply for an extension of the container-free period due to transit or other reasons, which can be extended up to 21 days. Free storage period is the abbreviation of free storage period, written as Free storage in English. This is the period from when the container is unloaded to the terminal until the container is picked up. Generally speaking, the storage-free period for general goods is five to seven days. If the period is exceeded, storage fees must be paid. How to apply for the container free period and storage free period? Generally speaking, the container free period is determined by the shipping company, so if you really need it, you can apply to the shipping company. Generally speaking, as a customer of a shipping company, applying for a 14-day container free period will be approved by the general shipping company, but 21 days may be somewhat difficult. Because the 21-day container-free period is approximately equal to the shipping company’s free loan of the container for 21 days, which is a loss for the shipping company, unless it is a stable customer of the shipping company or the company’s idle cabinets in the port A very large number of cases. Although the free storage period is also applied to the shipping company, it is fundamentally different from the container free period. The storage fee after its expiration is collected by the terminal from the shipping company, and then collected by the shipping company from the customer. Therefore, it is often unacceptable for customers to apply to the shipping company to extend the storage-free period, because if the shipping company extends the client's storage-free period, it means that they need to pay for the terminal. The above is an introduction to the basic meaning and application method of the container-free and storage-free period. You can pay more attention to the usual cargo transportation. In fact, in terms of logistics, there are majors. If everyone study carefully and make reasonable use of it, it will save a lot of money for everyone.
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