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What is an exchange bill of lading? CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-12
What is an exchange bill of lading? :2016-05-31 16:55:00 There are many types of ocean bills of lading (Ocean BL) such as: shipowner bill of lading, forwarder bill of lading, onboard bill of lading, clean bill of lading, bearer bill of lading, instruction bill of lading, multimodal bill of lading, combined bill of lading , House Bill of Lading, Antidated Bill of Lading, Advance Bill of Lading, Deck Bill of Lading... This article will briefly introduce Switch BL (Switch BL). Switch Bill of Lading means that the carrier shall, at the request of the shipper, commit to a certain agreement In the midway port, the carrier’s agent at the midway port will take back the original bill of lading issued at the port of departure, and reissue a set of new bills of lading with the midway port as the port of departure. The original bill of lading will generally indicate 'recover this bill of lading at the midway port, and another Replace the bill of lading with the port of departure as the port of departure' or 'Switch B/L'. The port of transit referred to here is not equivalent to a transit port, but a port called or not called by the ship during the transit, at this port There is no need to unload the cargo to another ship. In other words, this is an exchange bill of lading under the condition of direct transportation. Why is an exchange bill of lading issued? There are usually several reasons: 1. The prohibition of direct navigation at the port of loading and unloading is generally caused by political reasons, such as political confrontation, economic sanctions, etc. Therefore, the exchange of bills of lading is a flexible method to deal with such restrictions. Of course, re-export is adopted. The method can also achieve the same effect, that is, first transport the goods to an acceptable transshipment port. 2 The actual loading port does not conform to the provisions of the trade contract or letter of credit. For example, due to changes in the place of supply and other reasons, the goods are at the port of shipment specified in the contract or letter of credit. Shipment is not convenient or cost-effective. In order to comply with the special provisions of the contract or the letter of credit on the port of shipment, the smooth settlement of the foreign exchange and the collection of the payment must be made through the issuance of an exchange bill of lading. When the bill of lading is exchanged at the midway port, the port of shipment shall be changed to the same on the new bill of lading. The port of shipment stipulated in the contract or letter of credit is consistent. 3 Protect commercial and trade secrets. When there is an intermediary trader, the intermediary contacts the actual buyer and the actual seller respectively. The actual buyer and the actual seller do not know or understand each other, and the intermediary signs a back-to-back agreement In this type of trade, in order to prevent the actual buyer and the actual seller from directly dealing with the intermediary, the intermediary exchanges the bill of lading to change the actual shipper or loading port at the midway port, effectively avoiding the actual Buyers and sellers know each other’s information. 4 Avoid tariff barriers and non-tariff barriers. Most countries impose differential tax rates on commodities from different countries or regions. For example, according to the actual port of shipment, high tax rates will be imposed, and the original shipping port can be shipped through the exchange of bills of lading. Changing to a port in a country with a lower tax rate is another example: The importing country imposes country-specific quota restrictions on certain commodities. If the actual exporting country’s quota has been exhausted, the goods can be imported smoothly through the exchange of bills of lading. What is the exchange of bills of lading? What's going on? Congratulations, after reading this article, you are up again...
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