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What is the air transport appraisal report

by:CNS     2020-08-19
What is the air transport appraisal report due to the high security requirements, air transport of goods, especially when using aircraft to transport goods abdominal compartment. As a result, some air freight need to identify the report, then what is the air transport appraisal report? What must provide air transport of goods identification? Our simple to talk about it. What is the air transport appraisal report? Called the full name of air transport recognition & other; Air transport condition recognition throughout the report &; , English called air transport of goods identification and classification report, often referred to as air transport. Which must be provided to identify the goods can be shipped by air? A, with magnetic goods is usually air according to the requirements of IATA international air transport agreement 902 for general cargo transportation, any distance from the surface under test 2. 1 m of the magnetic field strength should be less than 0. 159 A / m( 200 nT) ( Shortage of identification) ) 。 Magnetic materials is contained in goods of all items will produce magnetic field in space, need to magnetic objects in the security check, to ensure the flight safety. The projects listed below are we often meet with the needs of the magnetic safety test: the name of the project. Because the production material and technology of the product is different, impossible to list the names of the goods, and whether they accord with the requirement of air transport agreement. The experimental measurement results shall prevail. Materials, audio equipment, automobile and other magnetic products, may be magnetic commodity name ( Section) 。 Note: the above is a list of some product names, and other aviation goods also need to use magnetic material for testing. In the form of powder, the powder goods goods air identification report must be provided, such as spirulina powder and various plant extracts. Third, gases, liquids, and the goods may contain liquid and gas, for example, some instruments may contain rectifier, thermometer, pressure gauge, pressure gauge, mercury switches, etc. These items may contain mercury. Four, chemical cargo air transport various chemicals often need to air the goods identification report. Chemicals can be roughly divided into dangerous chemicals and chemicals in general. Common is common in air transport of chemical products, which can be in accordance with the general cargo transport of chemicals. The chemical must have air cargo recognition to carry goods, that means the goods belongs to common chemicals, rather than a dangerous goods appraisal report. Five, the oil content items such as, engine, carburetor or fuel tank, including auto parts can be full of fuel and residual fuel; Camping equipment or appliances that may contain flammable liquids, such as kerosene and gasoline. Sixth, take the battery what goods such as: electric equipment may contain batteries; The lawn mower, golf cart, wheelchairs and other electrical equipment may contain batteries. Shanghai airlines freight company ( Kbans) , LTD is a professional engaged in international logistics airfreight service agency. Shanghai air freight company since its establishment, committed to provide efficient and quick for airfreight customers of Shanghai air freight service. Air transport company is committed to providing customers with high quality air cargo, aviation logistics and air Courier services! And provide the international air transport price query.
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