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What is the core competitiveness of the international air transport agent industry? Addressed to forwarder

by:CNS     2020-08-13
What is the core competitiveness of the international air transport agent industry? Addressed to forwarder at present, the vast majority of international freight forwarder is still in the provision of international air freight agent for booking space, that is to say, they are main transport agency services. In the whole international logistics transportation trunk line transportation costs often is the highest of the whole transportation cost, is also a cost transparency high, easy to operate, standardization, competition threshold is relatively low. Engaged in the main transport agent enterprises, international airfreight forwarding and shipping agency, currently has a deep sense of crisis. Agent relationship is the nature of the business has strong ability of customer acquisition. From the upstream providers ( Shipping companies and airlines) Relationship, we will find that actually the entire upstream transport providers in the information level and operational efficiency are undergoing profound changes. Based on the relationship between the earnings decline of the business, and maintain the relationship between cost is increasing. From a strong customer point of view, we can see that the traditional freight forwarders mainly sales oriented enterprises, only the customer, the goods and quantity together is the absolute principle. Only large amount, can we better keep cooperation relationship with upstream transport provider. In fact, all international air freight agent found at present, they face directly factory customer less and less, dedicated customers more and more, the number of individual customers is more and more big, the bargaining power of customers is more and more strong. E-commerce platform and the big sellers are trying to optimize the main transportation cost, agent of living space being squeezed. Many large e-commerce sellers have a large number of goods. Every link in order to further optimize the logistics cost, from the main export customs clearance, Hong Kong transport, aviation and the end of the flight service. Every link for service providers to cooperation, this is equivalent to set up a special line. In essence, e-commerce sellers itself has become a logistics company. E-commerce sellers and international air freight agent settlement period should be at least once a month, and two to three months to have a lot of money in place. Air transport agent and carrier of settlement cycle for weekly or half moon. Even if can get monthly settlement, also must first pay a large amount of deposit. There are still some special enterprise, e-commerce platform and core sales, they choose to continue through the international airfreight forwarding connection airlines and shipping companies. Consideration both main transportation outsourcing, including capital utilization efficiency of trade-offs. Air freight agent and customer's settlement cycle is longer than the upstream transport provider. To some extent, the international air freight agent is a tool for customer development.
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