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What is the difference between air waybill and shipping bills of lading?

by:CNS     2020-07-21
What is the difference between air waybill and shipping bills of lading? As an international logistics partner, as you know, whatever you do foreign trade or logistics or freight forwarders, the understanding of the bill of lading must be need to know, because of the bill of lading plays an important role in foreign trade. There are two kinds of common air express b/l: air and sea. Air and sea, there are many similarities, but also has the difference, many friend or vague points not clear, to this matter today under the small make up with everyone together to get to know what are the differences between the air freight bill of lading and Marine bill of lading. A, the loading time of different air: in many cases, before entering the warehouse the goods need replenishment. The consignee, the consignee and the product name of information must be confirmed in advance. Airport data comes out, make up a heavy feet out of formal bill of lading directly. Shipping: after is mostly a levite, to transport data to feedback to customer, and ask the customer material according to the data warehouse to freight forwarders. Second, the different nature of the two air freight bill of lading: Europe and the United States, Japan and most of the developed world, can use the COPY for customs clearance and delivery randomly to the original b/l is available, also can need not. Air freight bill of lading without electricity put. Marine bill of lading: is divided into three types: original bill of lading, electricity put the bill of lading, owner straight put single SEAWAYBILL, and note that the Marine bill of lading is property rights certificate. That is to say, who owns the Marine bill of lading, you have the right to pick up the goods. Three, change single form different awb: change single fee from RMB 300 - 1500 / time is possible. Marine bill of lading: change the cost of the bill of lading is usually a file fee + other charges ( European special line + ENS, American special line + AMS) Remind: usually, can change it, unless it is Iran. Because Iran must provide the correct the bill of lading before BOOKING data for BOOKING and provide to the letter of guarantee to put tank. Four, single way different air freight bill of lading: can single out the main points, main single may also directly out of the airline. Marine bill of lading: can the single main points, and also can master bill of lading ship company directly. Marine bill of lading for the main points of single goods information must be consistent.
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