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What is the difference between passenger and cargo by air cargo

by:CNS     2020-08-04
What is the difference between passenger and cargo air freight cargo at present, in general, there are usually two ways to air cargo. One is a full cargo, air cargo is a kind of using abdominal compartment with cargo planes. The airline will be equipped with different amount of cargo and passenger plane. What is the difference between the passenger and cargo air freight cargo? Let's learn about the today! Passenger: just as its name implies is completely used to passenger aircraft, also is our general flight. Aircraft sometimes have aircraft warehouse at the same time, but due to space limitations warehouse only about 150 cubic meters, but the main use is to checked baggage, and small goods transport. Cargo: used to transport goods transport aircraft, cargo aircraft usually specifically used for air freight company civil cargo plane commercial flight. Cargo types: 1. Is cargo aircraft manufacturing. 2. Aircraft as cargo. Demolition of seat and phone service facilities such as kitchen, hold the required facilities, such as mount slippery course becomes a cargo plane. At present, specially designed for freight and there is few civilian aircraft, cargo aircraft most by retired aircraft modification, such as fedex, UPS, Germany DHL freight companies and other large freight company to run a lot of cargo. 3. Passenger and cargo machine. For passengers ride in the first half, second half of the hold. Distinguish the difference between a passenger and cargo aircraft: aircraft can go small goods, is given priority to with the luggage, cargo capacity is small, small bulk goods can consider aircraft cargo can pick up goods, cargo loading quantity is bigger, card board, air box and other large pieces of cargo with cargo. Difference between two: doors on the design of different aircraft more boarding door and escape hatch, cargo aircraft are equipped with fewer boarding gate, replaced by large cargo door, distribution in the two periods before and after the cargo, and lower cargo compartment, the height of the door in more than 2 meters, width more than 3 meters for loading the goods. Difference between three: passenger transportation way, with luggage trailer to carry baggage from the terminal to the apron, and then by the baggage transport and cars will be shipped on board, luggage trailer will work through the security check luggage carrying to the apron area, ground staff through the conveyor belt to carry the luggage into the warehouse and fixed under the plane. Cargo planes of the engine room is used to store goods in loading ways are different from aircraft cargo cargo mainly use lifting flat wagon, deliver the goods to door height, platform on the wheel the goods into the cabin of the plane.
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