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What is the mode of international air transportation?

by:CNS     2021-07-14
What is the mode of international air transport? 2021-06-02 15:07 International air transport, the, transportation, mode, what, Amazon, as,    Amazon, as a world-renowned cross-border e-commerce platform, also drives downstream international air transport The rise of industry. The following is Bian Xiao’s summary and summary of international air transportation:    First, international air transportation.  International air transportation mainly refers to the four giants of uninterruptible power supply, Fedex, DHL and TNT. Among them, uninterruptible power supply and Fedex are headquartered in the United States, DHL is headquartered in Germany, and TNT is headquartered in the Netherlands. International express has high requirements for the provision, collection and management of information, and supports global self-built networks and international information systems.   Advantages: fast speed, good service, low packet loss rate, especially easy to send to developed countries in Europe and America.   Disadvantages: The price is generally more expensive. Generally, cross-border e-commerce sellers will only use it when customers strongly demand timeliness.  Second, postal parcel.   According to incomplete statistics, 70% of China's cross-border e-commerce export business packages are sent through the postal system, of which China Post accounts for about 50%. Hongkong Post and Singapore Post are also common logistics methods for Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers.  Advantages: The postal network basically covers the world, which is wider than any other international air transportation channel. In addition, since the post is generally state-owned and has tax subsidies from the state, the price is very cheap.   Disadvantages: Generally, private parcels are used to leave the country, which is not convenient for customs statistics and cannot enjoy normal export tax rebates. At the same time, the speed is slow and the packet loss rate is high.   Third, the international air transport dedicated line logistics.   Generally speaking, in the form of air charter, seaborne bulk cargo consolidation/full cabinet, direct flight to the destination port without transit, and then two-way delivery by overseas partners is a more popular logistics method. LianTe Haipai is one of the logistics providers of cross-border international air transportation, focusing on American international air transportation for ten years, and has the green warehousing resources of American Amazon international air transportation.  Advantages: Send to the destination in batches, reduce costs through economies of scale, lower prices than commercial express delivery, faster than postal parcels, and lower packet loss rates.   Disadvantages: There is a certain transportation standard, the more obvious the cost advantage; the stocking cycle needs to be planned in advance.   The vigorous development of the international air transport industry is inseparable from the construction of perfect road hubs. The international air transport port is actively constructing logistics channels, taking advantage of the advantageous conditions of Zhuhai Port’s Suining office, strengthening the interconnection with cities along the major channel, promoting the construction of multiple channels inside and outside the province, and internationally, and deepening the links with Zhuhai Port, Ningbo Port, Linyi, etc International air transportation cities will cooperate with ports to build regional material distribution and distribution centers, and actively establish cooperative relations with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and other economic regions to promote efficient and seamless market connection between economic regions.
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