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What is the nature and function of the air waybill

by:CNS     2020-07-21
What is the nature and function of the air waybill shall air waybill is important cargo transport documents issued by the carrier or its agent. It is the transportation contract, its content is binding on both parties. The air waybill shall not transfer, hold the air waybill does not mean that the ownership of the goods may be required. In terms of the ownership of the goods, air waybills similar international railway bill, and Marine bill of lading is different. In particular, has six functions of the bills of lading. A, an air waybill is the contract of carriage of an air waybill is the contract of carriage between the shipper and carrier. Unlike Marine bill of lading, air waybill is not only proved the existence of air transport contract. And the air waybill is itself between shippers and air transport carrier to enter into a contract of carriage of goods, after the two to take effect. The parties signing and get to the destination. As stated in the waybill, delivered to the consignee. Second, the air waybill is receiving an air waybill is receiving certificates issued by the carrier. After the shipper to deliver the goods, the carrier or its agent will receive one of the shipper, The shipper) The proof of the goods. Unless otherwise specified, prove that the carrier has received the goods and the goods shipped to the good condition. Three, an air waybill is the carrier to collect freight bills air waybill recorded belongs to the consignee, should be paid to cost and the cost of should pay to the agent of the carrier, and elaborate on the type of cost. Four, when the air waybill is one of the customs declaration of export, the air waybill is one of the customs declaration form. When the goods arrived at destination airport for import declaration, an air waybill is usually a clearance base file. Five, the air waybill is also used for insurance certificate if the carrier to assume the insurance or guarantee, the shipper require the carrier to air waybill can also serve as proof of insurance. An air waybill is the basis of the carrier's internal business air waybill attached goods and prove the identity of the goods. Waybill on delivery of the goods, transport and delivery of the items, so the carrier will arrange the transportation of the goods.
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