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What is the role of air transportation in transportation industry bear the

by:CNS     2020-07-14
What is the role of air transportation in transportation industry bear the air freight company in Shanghai transport policy framework of negotiation and implementation of air service agreements ( Here is a list of New Zealand agreement list) , which is conducive to the international air transport. In 1985 developed a free air transport policy, 1998, update and reiterated that followed by successive governments. Since 1998, the industry by some impact, including terrorism, pandemic, global and regional financial crisis and oil price fluctuations. In response, aviation company adopted a new business model. Shanghai airlines cargo is also called the plane transport, it is under the condition of with airline and the airport, use aircraft to transport goods for transportation mode of transportation. Air transport in the transportation industry in our country, the freight volume accounts for the proportion of traffic is relatively small, mainly to undertake long-distance passenger transport task, along with the rapid development of logistics, air transport will play an important role in terms of the freight. Airlines flight transportation methods mainly include transportation, charter transportation, consolidation and air express business. The main advantage of the international air transport is very fast, the disadvantage is that transportation cost is quite high. Investment quota and transportation costs are high, fixed costs including development course, the construction of the airport and the airport maintenance needs a lot of money; Variable costs are high, mainly due to fuel, the pilot salaries and spending a lot of aircraft maintenance, etc.
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