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What kind of air cargo objects are there?

by:CNS     2020-07-19
What kind of air cargo objects are there? Air transport of goods refers to the state and the country, transport of goods between countries and regions. The international transport of goods including international trade goods transport and the international trade goods transport. Because the international transport of goods mainly based on the international trade goods transport, non-traded goods transportation is just part of the business of trade goods transport department. Air transport logistics and transport objects generally divided into the following three types. One, from the Angle of goods in the form of bulk cargo, Bulk cargo) Don't need to packaging, can be directly into the transportation vehicle. Most of the goods is difficult or not packaged goods, such as wheat, grain, coal, pig iron and other agricultural products. Defective goods is a morphologically natural goods, packaging or bundling can form the parts, such as cigarette film, steel, copper ingot and vehicles. Refers to packing the goods before entering the market must be packing of the goods. Most of the daily consumer goods and manufactured products need to packing. Second, from the nature of goods 1. National regulations air cargo goods country of origin should be considered, the relevant provisions of the transit and the arrival of the goods. Shall not export country of origin of goods transportation. Relevant provisions of the state shall not goods imported goods shall not be air freight. Not allowed by relevant countries of transit goods shall not be arranged by the country. 2. The amount limit for air transport, the declared value of each shipment shall not exceed $100000, or equivalent. More than the limit, must by the relevant airlines or permitted by the competent authorities of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and implementation of departure; Because of the climate, temperature, due to the height, transport time and so on reasons, fresh goods will deteriorate. Can only transport in normal transport process, therefore, is not easy to rotten fresh perishable goods, and must be determined in advance tonnage. On the outer packing of the goods, the shipper and the relevant documents shall have obvious & other; Easy to use & throughout; With the words. Some fresh and decay of goods need to use dry ice to protect, the packaging must be intact and dry ice should not leak. Dry ice inside the net weight should be marked on the outer packing of the goods. 3. Wet moist cargo goods containing water or water fresh perishable items, including frozen food, wet flowers, vegetables, soft fruit and other can seep or return of goods. Must be wet packing to prevent leakage. 4. As cargo transport baggage for carriage of goods by passengers baggage is limited to their own clothes, and travel related items. Luggage must be locked. If the passengers asked the key, you can receive the key, but it should be in a sealed envelope and attached to the delivery note. Destination, Banks must indicate the passengers and passenger ticket. Flight schedules, flight number and date. The ticket & other; 支持“ Bar, should state & other; UBAG” Words, waybill number, number and weight. 5. Dangerous goods transport of dangerous goods must be in accordance with the international civil aviation organization related dangerous goods code for processing, and must be by the related contact airlines. The agent shall not be made their claim. At the same time, it is important to note that some of the goods do not belong to the dangerous goods name, but in fact contain dangerous substances, such as: the compressed air or oxygen respirator, it is a kind of dangerous goods. 6. Diplomatic mail bags diplomatic mail bags is a country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and business documents between a foreign representative office. Check foreign envelope should have good sealing, packaging and check the weight. If packing and sealing is not good, refuse to carry, diplomatic mail bags should arrive at the destination. In addition to the diplomatic mail bags, there are diplomatic goods, foreign goods should be shipped as soon as possible. Finally from the weight of the goods. Weight calculated by gross weight, the measuring unit is kg, weighing less than 1 kg of mantissa rounding. Each air waybill for the lowest freight 30 yuan, the valuables according to the actual gross weight calculation, according to 0. 1 kilogram computation. Lightweight foam cargo: refers to less than 333 kilograms per cubic meter, weight of the goods. The size according to the highest, the longest and the widest part size calculation, According to the packaging packaging) 。
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