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What kind of goods shipping container can't hold?

by:CNS     2020-05-03
In fact most of the goods can be shipping in container transport, only a few are not suitable for. According to the national 'several problems about the development of container transportation in our country the provisions of regulation suitable for use in container loading of the goods for 12 categories, namely, electricity, instrument, small machinery, glass ceramics, arts and crafts; Print and paper, pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, food, daily necessities, chemicals, needles textiles, and hardware and so on. What is can't deal with a shipping container transport of goods? 1, the fresh goods. Such as live fish, shrimp, etc. , because of the relative to other mode of transportation of maritime transportation, in time longer, lively class goods if using a shipping container, in the process of transport goods will spoil. 2, goods weight more than the maximum bearing weight of the container, the goods can't through a shipping container. 3, extra large size of goods can't use a shipping container, some big accessories super, super wide, the goods only by bulk carrier transport in the cabin or deck. 4, container does not conduct military transport. Troops or military enterprise to deal with a shipping container transportation, shall be dealt with in accordance with business shipments. Military transport using self-provided container, is no longer the container shipping terms and conditions shall apply. In the container transport of goods, in order to the safety of the ship, cargo, box, must according to the nature of the goods, the types, volume, weight and shape to select the appropriate container. Otherwise, not only can't carry on certain goods, but also can damage caused by the improper selection. The selection of container cargo container can be considered the following: ( 1) Clean cargo and filth: can choose cargo container, ventilated containers, open top container, reefer container; ( 2) Valuable goods, fragile goods, can choose cargo container; ( 3) Refrigerated cargo and perishable goods: can choose reefer container, ventilated container, insulated container; ( 4) Bulk: can choose bulk container, cylindrical container; ( 5) Animals and plants: select the livestock ( Animals) Container, ventilated container; ( 6) Heavy cargo: select open top containers, flat rack, platform container; ( 7) Dangerous goods, can choose containers, reefer container cargo container, framework.
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