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What kind of lithium battery can't what kind of air can be shipped by air

by:CNS     2020-08-19
What kind of lithium battery can air what can not be a lot of people may have such doubt: the lithium battery can by air? Why can't the lithium battery by air? If the lithium battery can't air, then why have lithium battery air freight? If the battery can air import and export, then why airlines and lithium batteries included in air transport of dangerous goods, not by air? This is very contradiction? Very let a person think impassability? To these questions, let us first understand lithium battery. Airlines by air to lithium batteries as dangerous goods. Why is this so? This is because once a lithium battery heated by a short circuit, the chain reaction occurs, it will quickly spread to other lithium battery, lead to other lithium batteries are heated. Then overheated lithium battery will continue to release explosive flammable gas ( Primarily hydrogen) , leading to explosion and extremely dangerous. In reaction to the phenomenon, the federal aviation administration recently for lithium battery was tested. See: lithium battery great danger in the air, the big three airlines refuse to carry a large number of lithium battery. As a result, air cargo companies including lithium battery in the air transport of dangerous goods. Then, lithium batteries have no air is how to return a responsibility? Why can't a lithium battery by air? Aviation regulation: if the passenger carrying with lithium battery electronic products, they will not be allowed to carry baggage on board, but passengers can carry a lithium battery electronic products, such as mobile phone, camera, notebook computer, etc. In their hand luggage, each person can only carry no more than two spare batteries, should take measures to prevent the battery short circuit. That is to say, on the passenger transport lithium battery or electronic products with lithium battery is impossible. So, can air lithium battery? As mentioned above, can't be in the passenger transport lithium battery or electronic products with lithium batteries. So if all air freight? This is not the same? Yes, the restriction on all cargo plane has a much wider than passenger plane limit, because when all cargo aircraft air, the goods will be loaded by strict sorting and stacking, which can minimize risk. Together with a lot of different goods piling up in flight, if is dangerous goods by air, the risk will increase greatly. Foxconn's China chongqing iPhone, laptop computers and other electronic products also have lithium batteries, but they have been all cargo aircraft flown to all over the world. Therefore, lithium batteries can be made by all freight transport plane. So if you have or electronic products with lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries and cargo volume is very big, if there is a full freight routes to where you want the goods, you can still air cargo. A friend in need can be consulting, our company launched a special air service line, provide a good international air services. ! !
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