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What makes an adverse effect on air cargo demand

by:CNS     2020-08-19
What reason can let air cargo demand adversely affecting the growth of air cargo affected by many factors, including high level of consumer confidence, global investment cycle, as well as the sustainable development of international e-commerce. However, the following three aspects will still be harmful to cargo demand: 1. Manufacturing export orders. In particular, in recent months from Europe, China, Japan and South Korea's air cargo export orders fell. 2. Asian and European manufacturers is one of the world's largest traders, and they said, the supplier's delivery time is extended, the demand for air cargo with speed to win has reduced. 3. The recent trade tensions brought certain risks to global trade. The international air transport association, President and chief executive of Alexandra & middot; DE & middot; Juniac ( Alexandrede Juniac) Said: & other; Air cargo demand has increased by 2 in August. 3%, and the flat last month. Consumer confidence is high, the international e-commerce is developing, the overall recovery of the global economy driven by demand growth, but the freight there are still downside risks to growth. Orders, supply delivery time extending; Rising trade tensions are close to the industry. Air freight did not focus on early in the tariff. But the tariff increase makes air freight more vulnerable. Deteriorating trade relations will affect the business travel. A trade war will eventually lead to the two aspects of the loss. ” We have learned, in August 2018, in addition to Africa, other regional airlines cargo demand rose. All regional productivity growth exceeds the demand. For Asia Pacific aviation in August 2018, cargo demand compared with the same period last year increased by 1. 6%. Sequential continues to grow, but growth is slowing sharply compared to the same. Exporter, especially the manufacturing industry is weak in Japan and China, has a negative impact on cargo demand. As the world's largest air cargo area, the asia-pacific region of aviation freight volume more than a third of the total global air cargo, but the trade protectionism poses a risk to the region. Capacity increased by 3. 4%. North American airlines in August 2018, freight volume rose 2. 8%. Capacity increased by 3. 2%. Recently, the American economy, the stability of the transatlantic trade helped push air freight demand, and American airlines also benefit from it. Supply chain is experiencing bottlenecks, and often broken by airfreight, thus promote the demand growth. European airlines in August 2018, cargo demand growth at top speed, year-on-year growth of 3. 7%. Although from Europe ( Especially Germany) Manufacturing orders, but in the past six months the international air cargo demand is still growing at an average annual rate of 8%. Across the Atlantic the strong growth of the market and demand for Europe and Asia rebound promotes the growth of cargo demand. Compared with five production capacity. 2%.
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