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What procedures for the air freight will be

by:CNS     2020-07-18
What procedures for the air freight to air cargo is a use aircraft or other aircraft as carrier transport, also known as air freight. In general, this is a more urgent goods. If the road transport can not meet the requirement of the customer, timeliness, customers will choose air freight. Air freight fast and safe, punctual, ultra-high efficiency won considerable market greatly shorten the time of delivery, greatly promote the circulation of money supply cycle and logistics supply chain. So, what procedures for the air freight will be? The shipper should check the goods to the carrier, and in accordance with the regulations of the state department in charge of to submit the necessary documents effectively. The shipper is responsible for the waybill content authenticity and correctness. Air freight contract is done in the carrier to accept the shipper of the consignment note and the carrier after the air waybill. If the shipper requires the use of charter flights for air cargo, should complete machine application. After the carrier agreed to accept and sign charter transportation agreement, shall establish a contract of carriage of charter flights, signed an agreement of individuals shall abide by the charter agreement or the civil aviation authorities. The shipper shall be in accordance with the formulated by the competent department of state packing standard check goods; If there is no unified packaging standards, should according to the nature of the goods and the condition of aircraft and aircraft for packaging. If you do not meet the requirements of the packing of the carrier, the carrier shall have the right to refuse carriage. The shipper must be marked on the goods form, form, the shipper and consignee. Name and address should be marked in accordance with state regulations indication packaging storage and transportation. For the goods must be insured by the state, the shipper shall be checked for cargo transportation insurance cover. Goods if the shipper, the shipper shall, in accordance with the prescribed by the competent civil aviation authorities to pay the freight fee and other fees. In addition to the agreement between the shipper and the carrier, freight and other fees should be paid when the goods into the bill of lading. Carrier shall be the arrival of the goods delivery point receiving notice to the consignee within 24 hours, the consignee shall, in the designated place to pick up the goods, and attach proof of delivery. The goods must be arrived in the day issued a notice is issued. March free reserves, if consignee withdraw within the time limit, you should pay the safekeeping fee according to the rules of transportation. When the consignee pick up the goods, have no objection to the midway or weight of goods, and sign on the shipping list of goods, the carrier from liability. The last point is due to the neglect of the shipper or the shipper or the consignee's intentional losses, in the carriage of goods by accident record should fill in the shipper or consignee in written form within one hundred and eighty days after demand compensation. And out the other. Person and attach relevant documents.
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