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What's the capacity of a shipping container ship container?

by:CNS     2020-04-26
Have friends often ask what kind of shipping are there cabinet? Is the smallest cabinet in the sea? A container ship that can hold how many problems such as cabinet, answered here now. 1, what kind of shipping are there cabinet? General container ( Also known as the container) Sort: 20 feet container, 40 feet, 40 feet tall ark cabinet, 45 feet tall ark, 20 feet open top cabinet, 40 feet open top containers, etc. , and our country is currently the most commonly used 20 feet and 40 feet standard cabinets and tall ark. 2, shipping is the smallest cabinet? Minimum of 20 foot container: content is 5. 919 * 2. 34 * 2. 38 meters, distribution gross average of 17. 5 tons, the volume of 24 - 26 cubic meters. 3, a container ship how many cabinet can hold? A ship can hold how many cabinet is set according to the constant of the ship, in general, can reach one thousand to ten thousand TEU ( Container) . It is understood that the general feeder ( The Yangtze river) Barges can hold 200 - 300 cabinet, ocean-going ships are normal in 2000 ~ 5000 teus. The 'east German' ( OOCLGermany) Is the world's biggest container ship, the captain 58, 400 meters wide. 8 meters, 19. 750000 deadweight tons, can carry 21415 standard containers. But generally speaking, the loading, rarely to 12 digits of a ship, the main reason is that packing is overmuch, may exceed the deadweight tonnage of the ship.
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