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What to do before choosing logistics.

by:CNS     2021-07-05
What to do before choosing logistics. 2021-06-10 15:00 Selection, logistics, pre-doing, what, preparation,. ,Logistics company,delivery,   Logistics company can do the following six preparations before shipment. While saving a lot of things, it avoids unfounded disputes after shipment loss. What should the shipper pay attention to? The following is based on the past logistics Consignment experience provides suggestions to those who are preparing to ship, and hope it will help your work. 1. Valuable items: among the goods consigned in logistics, high-value and small-sized goods such as gold jewelry, antique paintings and calligraphy cannot be caught in the consignment. , It is recommended to carry as much as possible at any time. Valuables that are inconvenient to carry are packaged separately. When the consignment procedures for valuables are cleared with the logistics company, it must be accompanied by insurance price transportation and cargo insurance. Otherwise, it must be the consignor who loses or loses the goods. In order to protect their own rights and interests, they must insure. 2. Pre-negotiation: In order to avoid overage when paying the freight, when discussing with the world logistics company, the service needs to be provided is notified as much as possible. After the goods arrive at the destination, the floor service needs to be provided. The designated place, there is a long distance from the parking lot to the storage area, and there is no power of the trolley. If this happens, the average delivery person will increase the cost. 3. Packing in advance: Everyone has to pack a lot of things during the logistics consignment. Especially in the case of moving items that need to be checked, broken, scattered, and small things that are difficult to pay attention to, everyone may use these things at a low rate, but they will be used one day. In order to avoid the inconvenience of loss to our lives, everyone should put these items in the box before organizing the items, write a list and record, and record the decoration items in the outer packing box, so that sorting and retrieval becomes easy. In addition, it can save moving time and cost.   China and Hong Kong tonnage vehicles.  4. Bulky packaging: The bulky goods in the shipment must also be packaged to ensure the quality of transportation. The outer packing box of the bulky goods has more clear remarks, such as forklift operation surface, center of gravity deviation, glass surface, etc. Refrigerators, wardrobes, etc. also need packaging. Otherwise, collision and scratching the surface during handling and logistics.   5. Put labels on: Everyone needs to put labels on everything stored. Which fragile items need more care, which items cannot be subjected to severe vibrations and conflicts during transportation and logistics, and which items need to be protected from moisture and rain in advance. After the relevant labels are attached, the items can be protected to the greatest extent. Safety and stability during handling and logistics.
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