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What to do in the air transport will reduce the mortality of pet

by:CNS     2020-08-06
What to do in the air transport will reduce the mortality of pet, now has become the pet transportation to the airport and airline provides one of the important service. According to statistics, every day, as the festival atmosphere to heat up, the demand for pet transportation services will increase. Owner is not willing to send pet pet shop in isolation, hope and they together. But if the pet injury or death tragedy, masters the injured heart is afraid is can't use money to repair. So, owners should do to reduce the probability of pet casualties in the process of air transport? Ensure that the pet in aerobic tank first of all, we need to know the pet carrier in two ways. Pet transport channel has two kinds: one kind is random transport channel, the other is a air freight channel. The so-called & other; Random transportation throughout the &; Refers to the pet owner's flight, follow the master sit in the engine room, pet in the suitcase, the owner can after the destination to pick up it. But random transport price is higher; While & other; Air freight & throughout; Is checked pets will specially by airlines cargo planes, could pet go to wait for the host at the airport, may also be host to the airport first, again arrive such as pet. In addition, must add that it's just the matter of the oxygen. According to the regulation of the international air transport association (iata). Pet of random transportation in plane luggage compartment door, the last one on the plane, the first off the plane. Now most of the domestic aircraft will circulate oxygen, the oxygen from the cabin, under the pressure to the baggage compartment, so temperature and cabin baggage compartment. It should be noted that. Each airline for whether can check whether there is a certain type of aircraft pets may have different rules. Passengers can take a plane type on the airline's website provides. If you can check the pet, you may need to scheduled airlines query to you. However, there is such a situation, the airline may change during the day's pet check model, and may change the type of aircraft cabin baggage may not be able to provide oxygen. For this kind of force majeure, passengers should before heading to the airport and airline to confirm, to ensure that in the aerobic environment inspection on pets. Oxygen is the basis of the pet live in transit. Prepared plenty of food and water in addition to ensure ventilation casing well ventilated, enough water and food for pets can also eliminate anxiety, and reduce the possibility of an accident. Of course, if you feed the pet before flight, you must have appropriate to reduce the number of high altitude stomach burden during the trip. In addition, some pets usually like to snack on air box, this can be a distraction, eliminate the pet on the surrounding environment of discomfort, avoid the tense and exhausted pet box.
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