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When choosing between the various transport exchanges

by:CNS     2020-07-01
One way or another, but the number of participants in the transport sector is limited, so the user base vehicle exchange can not be infinite. However, the quality check of each new registered user on the different transport markets may differ substantially. Accordingly, the Exchange with looser rules and weak inspection attracts many potential participants, including fraudulent and unscrupulous companies. Qualitative Freight exchange market carefully checks each new applicant for membership in the exchange, so the risk of fraud among the participating companies is extremely low. Thus, the system checks new members in different markets differ. Generally, when the listing manager fills card company: legal name, registration number, country of headquarters, tax number, full business address, all possible contact details, information about the director and other information about the company itself. All data provided are carefully checked by moderators on the conformity with the reality. Besides, inspect against a blacklist to identify fraudulent or high-risk organizations. Only approved carriers and shippers can get a membership to a good traffic exchange market. In some cases, the moderator communicates directly with the Exchange market to clarify any missing information. Also, all the available data on the current members are regularly reviewed, if necessary, make the appropriate changes in the company. At lower quality transport exchanges moderators none as such, that is, the registration may obtain any desired company. Accordingly, registration cards on such exchanges are shorter and most corporate data is required. This makes life easier for fraudulent organizations, as a result of regular customers could lose tens of thousands of euros on the contacts with ill tested carriers. To reduce such risks, logistics, freight forwarders, carriers and shippers should use the services of highly qualified and quality traffic exchanges. The main feature of the quality of the exchange: careful checking and cross-checking the data of all the legal and reputation of member companies of the freight exchange market.
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