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When preparing for a major trade show, exhibition

by:CNS     2020-06-05
Graphics Cases Graphics are a huge part of any well-designed trade show exhibit. Whether you choose to use brightly colored banners, bold decals or any other kind of signage imaginable, the best way to ensure that they arrive looking as great as they did at the office is by transporting them in specialized graphics shipping cases. These cases generally come in two main varieties: flat and tubular. Which type you choose to use will largely depend on the specifics of the actual signage and graphics that you need to transport. Custom designed carrying cases for graphic displays can be an indispensable part of any trade show experience. Panel Cases In today's increasing digital world, flat panel monitors are becoming par for the course at most major trade shows. Incorporating a flat panel screen into the design and layout of your exhibit can really help it stand out. However, getting that expensive and fragile monitor safely where it needs to be is a challenge. Fortunately, panel cases are among the most popular custom cases used by business professionals today. They are designed to cushion flat panel screens with special foam inserts, while holding them snugly in place and encasing them with tough, heavy duty plastic. Transport Cases Most trade show exhibits involve more than flat panel monitors and graphics, which is where transport cases come into play. Transport cases are containers that come in a wide range of sizes and configurations; they can be used to safely carry any number of important pieces for a trade show or exhibit display. Whether its a set of special lights - and their associated cords and wires - or glass cases that showcase special products, transport cases are some of he most popular shipping cases available today. Custom Trade Show Durable Packaging Solutions Every now and then, a particularly specialized component needs to be used in a trade show display. Whether it boasts unusual dimensions - or is unusually fragile - such equipment calls for a bit more than a standard, stock transit case. Fortunately, custom cases can be special ordered and are built according to your exact specifications. Custom cases are more-than-worthwhile investments, since they shield high priced, custom equipment from harm. Such cases can be designed to include ergonomic details that make handling them easier and less cumbersome. All around, custom cases are a wonderful addition to any trade show experience.
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