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When the air waybill is what problem should note?

by:CNS     2020-08-07
When the air waybill is what problem should note? I'm sure a lot of people are not familiar with fill in the need for air freight bill of lading and sea waybill. Today Shanghai air freight company will help you to answer questions about fill in the details of the bills of lading. Different airlines have their own unique awb format. The air waybill cannot careless. Currently, all airlines have their own unique awb format, but most are based on the recommended by IATA standard format, the difference is not big. Must fill in this neutral waybill, you should pay attention to the following. Station for the airport, need to fill in the international air transport association set up a station for the airport or the three character code of the city. This column should be consistent with 11 columns. 1 a: IATA code is compiled by the airline. 1 b: the awb. The name and address of the shipper: fill in the shipper's name, address, country and contact way. The account of the shipper: only when necessary. The consignee's name and address: should fill in the consignee's name, address, country of residence and contact way. Unlike Marine bill of lading, air waybill shall not transfer, so you must fill out & other; According to the instruction throughout the &; 。 With column 3 same consignee account: only when necessary. The carrier agent and the name of the city. Agent IATA code. The agent account. Station for the airport and the required course: the departure point here should be the same as the input in column 1 site. Payment information: when using special payment only fill in this field. The recipient ( The recipient) The first (: Two, three) Hub airport IATA code. The carrier ( 通过) In the first (: The second and third) In the period of the carrier transport. Currency: fill in ISO Currency code. Cost code: said the terms of payment. Freight and declare price cost: there are two situations: (in advance PPD, prepaid) Or pay ( COLLcollect) 。 If the advance payment in 14 a fill in for & other; 4' Will be in 14 b fill in. It should be noted that pay for air freight and declared value must be the same, can't separate payment. Other costs ( Other) : there are two kinds of payment: prepaid and paid. Shipment declaration value: in this column in the input to the declared value of the the shipment. If the shipper does not need to declare value, please fill out & other; NVD( Novaluedeclared) ” 。 Customs declaration value: the shipper fill in the declared value for customs here or fill in & other; NCV( Nocustomsvaluation) ” , said there was no declared value. If you pay attention to the above content, I believe that no matter what you fill in the airway bill, there will be major issues. Shanghai airlines freight company ( Kbans) , LTD is a professional engaged in international logistics airfreight service agency. Shanghai air freight company since its establishment, committed to provide efficient and quick for airfreight customers of Shanghai air freight service. Air transport company is committed to providing customers with high quality air cargo, aviation logistics and air Courier services! And provide the international air transport price query.
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