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When you need to ship items, there are two key

by:CNS     2020-06-28
In many cases, you are going to choose to pack your own shipment or you will be responsible for packing your shipment before your shipper comes to pick it up. As such, the responsibility is going to fall on you to make sure that everything you are sending is packed safely and well-packed so that it can arrive at its destination safely. Of course, most businesses and individuals are not experts in packing items. After all, your business is not packing and shipping. Since your area of expertise is elsewhere, you should be able to turn to your shipping company for information and advice on how to pack your shipment in the best way possible. Your shipping company should help you to understand any requirements as far as packing the item so that it is safe. This is especially important in cases where you are sending potentially hazardous items, where you are sending live animals or live cargo, or where you are sending perishable items that will be traveling via a refrigerated truck or some other method that allows them to arrive without spoiling. Your shipping company can also give you information on weight limits and weight distribution if necessary depending on the type, size and shape of your item. Your shipping company can help you to understand what type of packaging is best and can also help you to understand any special requirements of the specific shipping method you choose. For instance, crating may be required for shipping large and awkwardly shaped items via ocean freight, while a different packaging method may be used if you choose to send these same odd-shaped or oversized items via air freight. Your shipper is in the best position to know the specifics of what packaging is right for different types of shipments and should be willing to pass that information on to you. When you work with an established shipping company to ship your items or, better yet, when you form a relationship with a shipper to handle all of your shipping needs, your shipper should have a vested interest in working with you to help deliver your package safely. This means that your shipper should be eager and willing to help you understand the packaging requirements so you can fulfill your part of the shipping process. Before you place your trust in any shipping company, take the time to ask questions and pay attention both to the answers and to the customer service the shipper provides in order to be sure that you are choosing a company that will give you the help you need.
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