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When you send international air express delivery, these you must know! !

by:CNS     2020-08-03
When you send international air express delivery, these you must know! ! A goods, China airlines offer type 1, basic ( Number N) International air express by the faa requires basic quotation, the following general basic price for 45 kg goods quotation, lines to Angle for calculation. 2, line quotation (net Number Q) China airlines freight transportation create above 45 kg, 100 kg, 300 kg on three-level net line and quotation. 3, level of goods offer ( Serial number S) Dispatch, green and green plant products, precious animals, urn, body, fresh perishable items, personal belongings, level of special goods for goods such as guns, escorted goods quotation, calculated in accordance with the basic quotation is 150%. Specific product quotation, Code C) For some large quantities of large, strong cyclical, choice of enterprise use low value of the goods by air express, international air company can apply for to create a specific product quotation. Transport ( Number M) Every Chinese airlines ticket goods freight is RMB 30 yuan. Container goods quotation with shipping containers, container board ship as a module goods can apply for to create a container goods quotation. Direct goods price preference in according to the period of summation form of quotation. Specific products offer preference in the level of goods and general goods quotation. The level of goods offer preference from general goods. Goods transportation fees to & other; Yuan & throughout; For the enterprise, yuan the following round. Minimum transportation, according to the weight of transportation compared with the least cost to take the bulls. According to the specific weight of transport and according to transport a high net line quotation meter must take its person. According to the period of peace constitute a quotation, don't take into account the specific transport routes, is not the same as quotation form point forming price comparisons take its person. Four, China air mail transport general email transport goods in accordance with the general basic quotation collecting; Express mail E-mail transport 150% of the goods in accordance with the general basic quotation.
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