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Whether can tell you electronic products air transport

by:CNS     2020-08-16
Can tell you whether electronic products air transport electronics can air transport is a problem that many people consider. All electronic products can be by air? Why can't a electronic products by air? We will answer these questions today. What we can't through the air transport of electronic products should be contained or electronic products with lithium batteries. Mainly because of the lithium battery in air cargo way easy to be squeezed. Some unreliable batteries in a closed environment of high temperature easy to short circuit and even explosion, especially for the single section without any protection lithium battery. Other metal objects, such as metal accessories, buttons, COINS, jewelry, key, etc. , can cause fire because of short circuit conductors, and a serious threat to flight safety. In order to flight safety, the civil aviation administration has very strict rules: 1. Passengers are not allowed to carry the lithium battery in the checked baggage. 2. Passengers can carry a lithium or lithium ion batteries or personal use battery consumer electronics devices ( Watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, notebook computers, camcorders, etc. ) 。 Backup battery must be individually protected from short circuit, can only be with you. In addition, the number of each spare batteries shall not exceed the following number: 1, for lithium metal or lithium metal batteries, lithium content is not more than 2 grams; 2, for lithium ion batteries, lithium equivalent total content of no more than eight grams. 3, passengers can carry a total lithium content of 8 g or above and not more than 25 grams of lithium ion batteries. If a single protection measures to prevent it short out, then you can put it in in hand luggage. Backup battery limit to 2 per person. 4, and other types of backup batteries, such as nickel metal hydride batteries, etc. , can also carry measures to prevent short circuits. In August 2015, the civil aviation administration reiterated that the civil aviation passenger carrying & other; Charging treasure & throughout; Flight rules: 1, it is forbidden to carry charging treasure in the checked baggage. 2, it is forbidden to carry the rated power of more than 160 wh charging treasure; Rated power more than 100 wh but not more than 160 wh charging treasure must be approved by the airlines, and shall not be more than two. 3, it is forbidden to carry unidentified charging treasure. 4, it is strictly prohibited to use in flight charge. 5, it is forbidden to carry the personal purpose of charging treasure. Civil aviation administration time to carry lithium battery electronic products is strictly controlled, because the air transport flights in recent years due to the lithium battery in the process of transportation fire happened several unsafe behavior, seriously affecting the flight safety of our country. , therefore, must strictly abide by the rules and when everyone the opportunity to learn knowledge aviation safety sense, actively eliminate unsafe ACTS. In order not to influence the flight, it is recommended that the electronic products containing a lithium battery before departure safety protection measures on carry bag, for security checks.
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