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white smoke billowing from cargo ship in burrard inlet

by:CNS     2019-12-10
Crushing: An explosion occurred on a cargo ship in Burrard Inlet on Tuesday afternoon, and emergency rescue workers on a cargo ship responded.
People enjoying the sun at West Vancouver\'s Ambleside Beach were shaken before 5. m.
When they heard a loud noise coming from the fieldShore cargo ship
Then, from the glory of Minos, see the white smoke rolling, 225-
Metre bulk carrier registered in Liberia.
\"It sounds like a car accident,\" said witness Scott Milton . \" He said the explosion occurred after the cargo ship cleared Stanley Park.
There was a lot of voice and anger, but, according to the Canadian Coast Guard, there was nothing too much to worry about.
Following the arrival of the vessel from its Kitsilano base to the scene, the Coast Guard determined that the explosion and smoke were caused by the poor functioning of the vessel fumigation hatch.
The Coast Guard said there were no casualties or leaks.
Shortly after the explosion, the ship did not wander near Burrard Inlet.
Minos glory arrived in Vancouver on August.
2. Drive at the entrance and exit and anchor in the waters near the British Bay.
The next destination is Singapore.
A cargo ship next to the Lions Gate Bridge billowed smoke Tuesday.
Coast Guard says 32-year-old Minos glory
Rice bulk carrier, whose fumigation Hatch failed.
As a result, there was no injury or overflow.
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