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With the international air transport of goods need to pay attention to what?

by:CNS     2020-07-31
With the international air transport of goods need to pay attention to what? International air freight to its home, safety, high efficiency obtained very big market in a timely manner, greatly shorten the delivery cycle, quickly, the characteristics of mobility, import and export trade of private goods, fresh goods transport can't lack of methods and instruments. It follows that with small make up to grasp the international air transportation common problems. A, aviation parts inquiry purchasing eight elements: 1. Product name ( Isn't it dangerous goods) 2. Net weight ( Involves the charging standard) , volume ( Size and whether cargo) 3. Packaging ( Is packed in wooden cases, pallets) 4. Aim at the airport, If the core) 5. Set time ( Direct or diverted) 6. Flight ( The flight service project and the price difference) 7. Type (bill of lading The single and points) 8. Need logistics ( Method, export declaration at the customs agent company declaration documents, customs clearance delivery, etc. ) Airmail points of heavy and bulky cargo. Volume 1 CBM = 167 kg weight and net weight. Second, aviation parts price: 1. Airfreight shipping ( International airlines deduction) 2. Fuelsurcharge fuel ( On the basis of the airport, eye location price is not the same) 3. Safety inspection fee ( Hong Kong, China, charge $1 / kg fixed costs) 4. The airport actual handling fee ( Hong Kong, China for HKD 283 / ticket, airport to ship things on a plane, etc. ) 5. Terminal equipment cost: 1. 72 / kg when goods are delivered to stock banker, stock banker bear things such as playing version, eventually to the airport to deduct) 6. Airlines main single fee: HKD 15 / bl is out of the cost of the bill of lading - - - - - - - - - - - - The property law credentials.
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