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With the passage of time, use of trucking transport

by:CNS     2020-06-07
There is no doubt that trucking transport is widely in use today. Its role is also imminent in the success of many business, as they brings raw material for the industries and took finished goods to be delivered to the stockiest and sellers. As per requirements and use, trucks are manufactured in different sizes of from four wheelers to large sixteen wheelers. Therefore, they are used to transport small stocks to heavy machinery and equipment. Even trucking transport has facility to deliver fragile and perishable items in cool and safe cabins. A glimpse of history shows that initially trains were used to transport goods from one place to another place. Whereas trucks were a novelty and used mostly for advertisement and public awareness campaigns purposes. As a train has a specific route to follow and cannot go deep into the remote areas, therefore, need for some other means of transportation was direly felt. This way, the trivial advertising and entertaining trucks came into consideration for transportation purposes. With the passage of time, construction of roads and fuel availability in remote areas, made trucking transport more convenient and useful. In comparison to other means of transportation like ships, planes, trains etc. trucks transporting is cheap and easy to reach at doorstep or to the nearest places. Technological advancements has brought due improvements into the trucking transportation industry. Use of internet, cell phone and satellite technology made it easy to locate and communicate distant trucks and clients. Cell phones keep connected the truck drivers and their concerned companies, which further help the companies, serve clients in a better way. Internet provides easy means of accessing and learning the location of the trucks by the clients. These two facilities brought three distant but cogent parts nearer i.e. the company, clients and truck drivers. Satellite is another important means of advancement. It has brought significant convenience for the trucking transportation. Earlier, the truck drivers used manual maps to locate their destination. There were great chances of being mis-led. But today, use of GPRS has made it possible to locate exact destination without any extra hassle. Satellite also made it convenient to locate exact destination of their trucks. This way they stay aware of the distance covered and safety of the stocks. These technological means also provided easy access to the trucking transport in case of any emergency, a call or an email can solve emergency communication issue. Other than emergency access, the technology provides facility of inter communication between the truck drivers and their company. They can have entertainment through radio and TV on their truck. Trains are not totally abolished as carriage tool. It is still in use for big items. But trucking transporting did not remain behind in transporting big items. Even it provides required safety option to deliver perishable and posh items.
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