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Cross-border e-commerce logistics

CNS Latin America cross-border e-commerce Logistics is the leading one-stop international logistics in China, providing comprehensive international logistics services including sea, air, trailer, customs declaration, warehousing, cargo insurance, cross-border e-commerce logistics, destination port services, aiming to use the Internet and digital technology to make cross-border supply chain logistics realize visualization.

International logistics such as express delivery is convenient and efficient.

Service scope
Latin America and Caribbean shipping advantage
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Service advantage

We have international sea, land, air, rail, express transportation solutions, to provide global integrated logistics solutions. Powerful information system support, customized docking according to customer needs, to achieve seamless connection with mainstream customer ERP.
We can customize for customers including sea, air, FBA, railway, road, first leg transportation, destination port clearance delivery, international express, postal parcels, cross-border special lines and other solutions.
Many years of operating experience gives us the professional ability to quickly clear customs and ensure the smooth flow of goods in the process of international trade.
We have professional and standardized storage facilities, support overseas warehouse transfer, a piece of consignment and other functions, to provide customers with efficient international distribution services.
Provide a wealth of value-added services, including standardized tally, pick, sorting and packaging, labeling, bar code management, batch management, goods tracking, etc., to ensure the controllability and visibility of the logistics process.
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The joint venture has spread all over Central and South America, North America, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia.
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