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50 Common Sense of Container Logistics Operation (Part 2) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-20
50 common sense of container logistics operation (below): 2018-07-04 16:40:00 31. Several issues to pay attention to when dispatching a job: explain to the vehicle owner whether to export or import, container type, container volume, cargo weight, Special requirements for location, station, or agreement, time to the manufacturer, and box. 32. How to report the quotation to the customer: Generally, the size of the cabinet and the double back are 1.6 yuan per kilometer. It depends on the weight of the cargo and the specific situation. It is best to ask several owners how much money to go, and then report to the freight forwarder. 33. What problems should be paid attention to when writing a car dispatch form? Write in as formal and clear as possible, because some drivers don’t know English letters at all. Ship name, voyage number, bill of lading number, station, arrival time, manufacturer address, contact number, box special requirements and manufacturer’s special requirements must be written clearly. If you have an invoice, write it clearly and clearly, and don't let the driver open the wrong account. In addition, the issues that should be paid attention to should also be written on it; for example, some goods have very strict requirements on the cabinet. This must be explained to the driver, so as not to incur expenses at that time, we cannot explain clearly to the driver. 34. What time will the boxes be placed at the export box yard? At 10 o'clock, but usually there are no people at the place where the orders are placed at 9 o'clock, so the delivery job must be back around 8 o'clock, because the driver has to drop the box first. 35. What is the meaning of 'weighted toll' at high-speed toll gates? Since May 10, the heavy toll will be charged, that is, tolls are collected according to the weight and tonnage of the vehicle. 36. What does overload mean? How is the charge for overloaded goods on the highway different from before? It means that the tonnage of the cargo on the vehicle exceeds the weight limit of the vehicle. In April 2006, the overloaded double backs received 6 times the original charge. 37. How many stations have to agree on the back box? Daya, Daya West Station, Minggang, China Shipping, Haifeng, Qianwan Port 38, can new customers from other places do it? New customers from other places can also do it if the price is right, but it must be stated in advance that the payment must be made before the box is dropped, otherwise the box cannot be dropped. 39. What issues should we pay attention to when filling a check? ⑴. The check date should be capitalized, and the three-digit date should be preceded by a zero; ⑵, the check amount should be capitalized, and “¥” should be added before the lower case; Days, the limit should not exceed 50,000; ⑸, check can not be folded, should be written with a black oil pen, can not be altered. 40. How to use the mobile phones provided by the company for employees? Need to pay attention to those issues? The company provides a Unicom public phone card for 100 yuan consumption at the end of each month. Calling other places requires +17911+area code+number. The mobile phone borrowed anonymous short interest, especially some special numbers, which cannot be returned to avoid unnecessary expenses. 41. Can the client's private work be accepted? Depending on the situation, if the company is very large and the customer has been in contact for a long time, you think you know him (her) better. It is better to know his (her) home phone number. You can apply for the following with the manager, but you must have cash. 42. What is the name of Minggang Zhonghai and Haifeng Qianwan? What is the difference between New Oriental, Jiefeng 43, domestic work and foreign trade work? Internal work is generally in Qingdao back box, foreign trade is in Huangdao back box 44. What if the customer complains that the car is too old? No, it doesn't matter if the car is old, as long as the safety of the cargo can be guaranteed. If the customer is too careless, it is best to arrange a new car when assigning him a job next time instead of using this one. 45. What if the new car cooperates with us for the first time and does not believe us? We can let them come to our company to see or promise them to give money without dropping the box. Generally, they will give money without dropping the box. They dare to do it. 46. u200bu200bWhat does packing and unpacking mean? Packing means carrying the empty container to load, and unpacking means carrying the goods to the manufacturer to unload the goods. 47. What is going back again? Re-returning refers to pulling the goods back and then pulling the goods back 48. Questions that should be paid attention to when answering customer calls: First, you should politely ask 'HelloOnly then can the client be willing to cooperate with us. Don't show your unhappiness. Even if you are not happy to answer his phone, you have to answer it and show it later. 49. A new customer, what do you do if you find out that he has a bad payment? It is required to make cash without invoicing, and cannot make long; only one vote can be made. 50. What does 'damage fee' mean? Refers to the cost incurred when the imported box is found to be damaged after unloading
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