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Construction Machinery Cargo

Construction Machinery Cargo

Our current business scope covers the main areas of China's automobile exports, and has formed a relatively stable liner shipping service, which can undertake various large-sized transportation, oversize freight shipping and oversized cargo transportation. Such as: excavators, loaders, bulldozers, graders, pile drivers, tunneling Machine, dump truck, rotary drilling rig, crawler crane, plate press, press, road roller, aerial crane, beam lifting machine, beam conveyor, frame beam machine, winch, crane, dump truck, cement tanker, car, bus, Mixer, mixing station, crusher, ladle, transformer, generator, lathe, kiln body, rotor, wall grab, cement mill, crystallizer, autoclave, reformer, boiler, tank, door stone, landscape stone oversized transportation of large-sized objects, auto parts logistics, and building material transport.


The main routes include: Bowan East Africa route, Red Sea Mediterranean route, Central and South America route, West Africa route, and can arrange project ship transportation service according to the needs of the project cargo, which can basically meet the route demand of Chinese vehicle export. The company has an experienced technical service team, advocates honesty and trustworthiness as the basis for survival and development, customer-centered, committed to providing professional and high-quality car transportation services, and hopes to establish long-term, stable cooperative relations in order to seek a win-win situation.

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