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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

CNS intertrans focuses on the supply chain, providing customers with procurement execution, distribution execution, procurement outsourcing, import and export customs clearance services, supplier management inventory, international transit, domestic distribution, bonded area business and other supply chain services, sharing resources with customers, create value for customers. Integrate procurement, customs clearance, warehousing, collection, distribution, transportation channels and other resources to provide customers with integrated logistics services, logistics, capital flow, information flow, "four streams in one", breaking through the original node services, Renew traditional thinking patterns and concepts, reduce customer financial pressures, reduce financial risks, solve difficult problems in the logistics process, improve efficiency, and ultimately maximize the profit of shippers.


Purchasing execution: relying on the company's capital advantages and industry experience, it provides large-scale procurement and related business services, import and export, logistics services, fund settlement and data information processing services for large-scale manufacturing and large-scale retail industries at home and abroad. Provide supply chain integration solutions for domestic and foreign customers; lock procurement costs, help the development and execution of enterprise procurement plans; business, logistics outsourcing, reduce overall operating costs, improve operational efficiency; customers are more focused on production, R&D, brand building And upstream and downstream management to improve core competitiveness.


Distribution Execution: Relying on the company's information system and capital advantages, it provides product distribution services and related business operations, logistics and distribution, fund settlement and information processing services for large-scale production enterprises. Flat sales channels to improve operational efficiency; provide integrated logistics services, respond quickly to the market; reduce capital occupation and accelerate capital turnover.


Import and export customs clearance services:CNS intertrans has the business scope of import and export agency, and has rich experience and ability in import and export customs clearance logistics. The cruise company signed a cooperation agreement with the customer to build an efficient customs clearance service platform between the government and the company to assist customers in import and export customs clearance, commodity inspection, foreign exchange settlement, and other import and export customs clearance services. The cruise effectively integrates customs clearance, commodity inspection, foreign exchange, tax refund and other resources to reduce overseas trade costs for customers, effectively solve related problems in the supply chain of trade, and enable customers to concentrate on their core business, enhance their own value and enhance customers. Competitive strength.


Supplier management inventory: CNS intertrans  has warehouses in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, sufficient storage space, safe and well-equipped environment, advanced logistics and warehousing information management system and professional warehouse management personnel. Good combination of software and hardware is imported and exported. Trade, entrepot trade and processing trade customers provide high-quality warehousing services such as warehousing, loading and unloading, tally, unpacking and consolidation, to meet the needs of customers to achieve temporary storage of goods to be shipped, import diversion, export consolidation, VMI services.


International transfer: According to customer needs,CNS intertrans can provide customers with international transit services for goods.


Domestic distribution: rich domestic transportation network resources, can provide overall logistics solutions such as warehousing, trunk transportation, destination distribution, logistics management, information system integration, value-added services. To realize the sharing and effective convection of transportation resources in various regions of the country, we can distribute all kinds of goods from East China, South China, North China and other national first-class cities to all the first- and third-tier cities in China.


Domestic air transportation services: booking, cabin, charter, warehousing and transportation, door to door delivery.


Domestic motor transport services: domestic road transport, vehicle transport, LTL transport, warehousing, distribution.


Bonded Area Business: According to the needs of customers, Cruise provides distribution distribution, classification/repackaging, labeling/adding instructions/brushing, quality inspection, split/assembly, bonded goods display, transit transportation, cross-border in the national bonded area network. The customs area extracts bonded goods and re-exports transnational procurement centers. The following services are available: · Bonded processing and manufacturing goods domestic sales collection function · Tax collection function for overseas goods entering the domestic market sales · Collection function for domestic and overseas procurement · International transfer operation function · Re-export function.

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