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Sea Heavy Cargo

Sea Heavy Cargo

Business Overview
Heavy cargo transportation or sea freight shipping is one of the core businesses of CNS intertrans , which mainly includes transportation of energy equipment, transportation of power generation equipment, transportation of mining equipment, transportation of space equipment, transportation of machinery and equipment, car parts shipping, solar panel shipping and vehicle parts shipping. Our good services involve electricity and petrochemicals. Aviation, metallurgy, building materials, machinery manufacturing and other industries, while providing a one-stop logistics solution for equipment, materials or construction equipment required for engineering projects from the production site to the designated location.


CNS intertrans  can develop logistics schedules for customers, solve transportation technical problems, prevent operational risks, coordinate relevant organizational interfaces, and monitor operational implementation processes. The service scope covers all logistics links such as ocean transportation, inland water transportation, road transportation, customs clearance inspection, air transportation agency and shipping agency. It can provide logistics, packaging, identification, design and manufacture of auxiliary tools and adaptive transformation of transportation environment. Extended service.


We have a high-quality, experienced engineering logistics talent team, with a large number of project managers, transportation technology experts, risk management experts and other professionals, able to fully understand and accurately grasp the various logistics needs of customers, to provide customers with logistics From design to transportation organization management, the whole process of quality logistics services.


Professional equipment

Self-propelled ocean deck barge

Self-propelled ocean-deck barge, this type of ship has low ship's side, shallow draft, large deck area, unrestricted navigation area, and can carry ultra-wide, ultra-high, overweight steel structure equipment components. The ship's berthing mode is flexible and can fully meet the needs of large-size cargo roll-on and roll-off technology.


Inland river heavy deck barge

The 1000-tonne inland river heavy-duty deck barge can meet any need for the transportation of major parts of the Chinese river.


Self-propelled hydraulic flatbed

Self-powered: The PPU power board in the trailer group is powered by hydraulic power. There is no cab, the engine, hydraulic pump and computer are partially suspended on the flatbed. The operation control system is portable by the workers through the line controller. The range of viewing angle is large to ensure safe operation.

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