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Project Cargo

Project Cargo

Grocery transportation or project logistics is one of the core businesses of Cruise International Logistics.


The skilled operation of the groceries business is the full use of regional superior resources by Cruise International Logistics to give full play to the advantages of brand and scientific marketing. It is also a practical exercise to increase revenue and improve the professionalization of business operations and scientific service level. It marks the development of integrated freight forwarding business by the cruiser, and has made a gratifying breakthrough in the direction of modern integrated logistics.


Professional Equipment


Capesize Ship

The total load DW is above 100,000 tons.



The total load DW is 60,000 tons and is commonly referred to as the Panamax type. This is the largest ship type allowed by the Panama Canal. The captain should be less than 245 meters, the ship width should be no more than 32.2 meters, and the maximum allowable draught is 12.04 meters.


Portable Bulk Carrier

The total load DW is 35,000 tons - 40,000 tons. The draught is shallow, and the ports in the world can basically stop.


Small Bulk Carrier

The total load DW is 20,000 tons to 27,000 tons. The largest ship type that can enter the top five lakes in the United States. The maximum length of the ship is no more than 222.5 meters, the maximum ship width is less than 23.1 meters, and the maximum draft is less than 7.925 meters.

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