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Overseas warehouse (warehouse logistics)
The goods are exported from China to the warehouse of the destination country by means of shipping, freight, and air transportation. The seller orders the overseas warehouse to complete the order fulfillment. At present, many platforms have overseas warehouse projects, such as Amazon FBA, AliExpress and eBay, and Wish overseas warehouse projects. Sellers can also choose whether or not to do overseas positions according to their own needs.

The purpose of overseas warehouses is to reduce logistics costs and customs clearance fees for cross-border e-commerce, shorten the delivery time, allow a large number of small-scale orders to be reached, increase the volume of transactions, thereby enhancing the shopping experience of consumers, and second, the traditional trade model. Upgrade to overseas warehouse trade, efficiently manage the operation of goods through the overseas warehouse system, and quickly process orders.

At present, many large-scale cross-border e-commerce companies have processed goods through third-party overseas warehouses or overseas self-built warehouses, established a standardized information technology service management system, and applied mature and efficient third-party overseas warehouse WMS software, such as Magellan Technology's third-party overseas warehouse. System support services and advanced in-house management process solutions replicate efficient and accurate overseas warehouses. The supervision of all cargo conditions and operation links enables the storage, delivery and transportation of goods to be viewed at any time through the Magellan Overseas Warehouse System. The operation of the employees in the warehouse is recorded and managed by the system and PDA, etc. The information system is managed and seamlessly connected with the mainstream e-commerce / platform system and the four major express company systems. The whole process adopts paperless operation, and all the information related to the customer is strictly kept confidential to ensure traceability of each link. Ensure the safety of the goods.

The demand for logistics warehousing and distribution caused by e-commerce is showing rapid growth. The warehousing modes such as warehousing warehouse, bonded warehouse and overseas warehouse are all aimed at eliminating the pain points of logistics. We should understand and rationally choose and solve the logistics problems of e-commerce customers.

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